Beauty touches our hearts

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Each week as I go about my life and think  how I will share my vision of beauty … I often turn to mother nature.

She takes my breath away…

This week however, I have decide to take a bit of a side track and share a couple of videos that really bring a smile to my heart–

and OFTEN a tear to my eye.

I imagine you have seen all of them — but re-watching just goes to show how beautiful FUN can be.

NOTE: go to my side bar and turn OFF the music this week and listen to the music in the videos. —>

~~ ♥ ♥  ~~

I remember the first time I watched this — the looks on the by standers were just precious!

~~ ♥ ♥  ~~

I was totally sucked into this one and watched it over and over — I love the TRUCK driver 🙂

~~ ♥ ♥  ~~

JK Wedding Entrance Dance
Uploaded by DemetriAuthor. – Discover videos of people, family and friends.

Lastly — this one kills me!  These kids obviously didn’t have tons of money for the wedding– but oh my goodness the joy they must have had planning and sharing and then to KNOW how many millions they have touched. Well done!  Chokes  me up every time.

Pink Saturday is a favorite of mine for you to visit!  Beverly would love your company.

~~ ♥ ♥  ~~

Now is YOUR time to share what you find is beautiful in your life.  Be sure to link back to this post and mention it in your blog post.

I love your comments as always.

Have the BEST weekend! And … remember

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

~~TTFN~~  Claudia

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August 19, 2010 at 4:12 pm | Videos | 22 comments


22 responses to “Beauty touches our hearts”

  1. bj says:

    I love love all three videos…so awesome. Pretty flower, too. 🙂
    Thanks for hosting…
    xo bj

  2. Pam says:

    Oh Claudia…the Antwerp one always brings me to tears…WITH JOY…so fun. There just aren’t enough moments of life like that…celebration of life.  Great Beauty post this week….

  3. Ebie says:

    OMG, the wedding video was a hit!  Love them all videos!  The flower shot is so pretty!

  4. Claudia
    That was fun watching the videos!  The wedding one reminds me of our #2 daughter’s wedding – she had something similar at the reception.  It was a blast and everyone enjoyed it just as they are in the video.

  5. I had not seen the video where everyone was frozen for five minutes.  How funny and thanks for sharing.  xo, Sherry

  6. Claudie says:

    Hey pretty lady. I told you I would be here.
    I watched all 3 videos… very very cool. I hadn’t seen the first 2, but that last one.. well let’s just say I was taken away, dancing in the middle of my living room floor. Randy was wondering what I was up to, again.
    Happy PS and of course FFB. That  gerber is stunning.
    Have a great weekend girlfriend.
    Love you
    Love Me

  7. I had seen the dancing wedding. Yes, joyful videos! Thanks for the bit of end of week beauty! Jacqueline

  8. Nancy says:

    Claudia! Amen to fun being a beautiful thing.  I love all of these videos – it’s so much fun to watch them!  xoxo Nancy

  9. Donna says:

    “Hi Claudia”,
    Love your beautiful site. I would love to follow BUT I can’t seem to see where to… Help me out so I can be part of your wonderful world here???
    Hugs, Donna

  10. ldh says:

    Beautiful photo, Claudia!  And I also enjoy seeing these videos over and over.  They brighten my outlook every time 🙂

  11. bettyl says:

    Those vids are great, I could watch them all day!  And I love your flower shot, too. It’s very delicate-looking.

  12. jacque says:

    I loved the videos and what a fun change from your gorgeous pics!  I especially loved the wedding dance.  How fun!  I wish I would have had the guts to go for it at my own wedding like that!  They’ll never forget, and what joy!  It made me laugh.

  13. April R. says:

    I loved the videos.. “this is obviously some kind of protest…” too funny!
    My favorite was the man bending down tying his shoe! Thanks for sharing these.. I hadn’t seen them!

  14. Hi Claudia,
    I love gerber daisies.
    I have a wireless internet
    connection here in the
    mountains so I don’t
    stream videos very well.
    Happy Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  15. Eileen says:

    Beautiful Gerber daisy, Claudia! Loved the videos, the dancing wedding has always been a favorite of mine.  Happy PINK Saturday and have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Thanks for sharing the lovely videos and flowers.  Wishing you a happy Pink Saturday and lovely weekend too.
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Claudia,
    I loved all of these videos and shared them with my mother. Thank you for the smiles!  I find beauty every time I visit Dipity Road!
    Your Friend,

  18. CailinMarie says:

    The first two i hadn’t seen before and I just loved them.  Thanks!  The wedding video is one of my favorites.  I have it bookmarked so I can find it whenever I need to smile.
    Happy Pink Saturday to you!

  19. jeanne says:

    Hi Claudia, I love the photo of the flower. it is stunning.  I had fun watching the videos.  Two of them I have seen before.  They are so worth watching again.  I was at a wedding yesterday that could have used some of that awesome action.  Smile.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  20. Olive Cooper says:

    Hi Claudia, the frozen video was neat and I have not seen it. I love the wedding one and have it on my face book links. I am a little wonky this week from taking some new medicine but I will link up when I can. hugs♥olive

  21. Hi Claudia,   I have a surprise for you on my blog.  Congrats!!  Send me your email address and we will get the ball rolling.  Hugs, Sherry

  22. Oh I love it!!!  What great displays of beauty!!!!  I discovered a great project called “Operation Beautiful” and it focuses on encouraging us to see true beauty too!  I would love for you to check out what I am doing with it.  Its perfect for you!!!!

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