Cottages — before and after

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It’s interesting how nature is one of the best creators of BEFORE and AFTERS.

While participating in this weeks Metamorphosis Monday with Susan and Mary at Little Red House and her Mosaic Monday, I thought I could actually participate with both showing Mother nature at her best!!

Purple 1 RSx


Many of you may recognise this sweet beauty from a previous post (click here). This was taken in wet early spring.

Purple 2 RS x


Little bit of a different angle…ok I know next time I will be more particular about my positioning… but notice how with a little bit of sunshine and a lot of summer rain, and from the looks of it a care taker who sincerely loves their home, Mother Nature at her best in the AFTER. If you will look VERRRY careful you will see a slumbering white kitty on the porch bench. “shhhh”

In a way, I have always thought myself creative… I don’t know if I would’ve every called myself an artist, but since seeking my true authentic self lately, I do think I have some artistic  flairs. HOWEVER… one thing I have always wanted to be wonderful at and am NOT, is a water color painter.

Well……… I found something to assist my water color adventures.

Pink roof B4 RS

Take one of my favorite Pink roofed cottages….

Water color RS

In Elements, or yes, Photo shop (so I am told because I don’t have this costly beast 😉 you can too be a water color artist.

Just go to Filters Click — Artistic then water color ….and Voila` the Above.

close up water color RS x

Now for a much closer version to show off the water color feature … Dang I even think Susan Rios would be proud!

Enjoy your week– start on your own Dipity Road finding your true authentic self!

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Met houses collge X RS

I also joined a darling new blog party —It’s Great to Be Home. Stop by and take a fresh look!

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Cottage Bride and Rose

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. le-ch-frnt-rs

ABOVE: One of my favorite places to visit, a local French Restaurant Le Chaille.

(my header on top of my blog is also taken from there.)

I had a very interesting email this weekend. It was sent anonymously, saying if I was going to use OTHER people’s photographs, I needed to give them credit. (referring to my pink Saturday’s collage) Well… I never gave a thought to giving my-SELF credit. But yes, these are MY photographs.


This beautiful Bride is my divine niece and the Gorg lovely on the far right is my other divine niece.


I visited one of my dearest friends last week. Her rose bushes were UNREAL. Typically I don’t like Roses…in fact they have always been my least favorite flower. (all those darn thorns and such) but hers were indescribable!

 I am so blessed. This young blog has given me more to be thankful for– it’s helped me sincerely see how daily, my life is Beautiful. (visit Melissa at Inspired Room) she is an inspiration!


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Cottage Details

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When asked what I am Hooked on this Friday… It would still be cottages and the detailed uniqueness each has…


Curved Roof lines…


Close up …Look at the patina on front side of dormers.


Ahhh… Another Purple door


Green Panelled Doors


~Simply Yummy!~

“All in the Details”… as they say. Look at the siding, the wrought iron railings and window boxes, the masonry. Artist still abound around us. Life is beautiful if we choose to sincerely stop and take a look at all that is around us.

Click Here for other adorable cottages.

Enjoy your weekend!



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