Spring – a perfect time for change

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Tu lippie

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For years and years I have kept a journal. I recall one of my English teachers telling our class that if we kept a journal, some day we could look back and see how far we had come.

That concept, in part, was why I started DipityRoad. One recurring theme through all the years of keeping my journal has been  my constant yearning to “become a better me”.

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading Geneen Roth’s Women Food and God. I took one entire rainy day and stayed in and read and cried and became inspired. Then Oprah had Geneen on her show yesterday. This woman had me spot on. The women on their video journals could have been me.

Day after day, while I put on a smile and greet most with a positive me, I realized I  have been a fraud for most of my life. The voice inside my brain tells me daily that I am ugly, not good enough and certainly don’t deserve to be loved.  

I have tried more ways (reading every parenting book or marriage rescue guides to tons of self help)   to become a better me– it wasn’t until I read Geneen’s book did I realize that for the most part I have been trying to not face or feel my pain. I am the head Ostrich — putting my head in the sand thinking that if I don’t look at the pain it will go away. So goes my relationship with food.

Like spring and the flowers that follow many of us share the same belief… We want to become what we were born to be; to bloom and grow and inspire.

I have got to stop my daily mantras in my head — I have to face my pain.

Never before has my favorite quote been more profound than right now.

“When you change the way you look at things– the things you look at change.”

I intend to be that change!

Like the lyrics of Defying GravityI’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game.

If we think for one moment its about the food — we are wrong. (but then like one of the titles in her book says… Its Not not about the food)

Whether you have any issues with food, depression, alcohol, drugs; this book hits right at the core. It all stems from how we view ourselves and whether we think we deserve love and kindness.

Have you read her book? I would love to hear your feelings.

Join with me as I work on my pain and find the love, kindness and beauty we all deserve.

By the Way here are her food guidelines.

Eat when you are hungry.

Eat sitting down in a calm environment. This does not include the car.

Eat without distractions. Distractions include radio, television, newspapers, books, intense or anxiety-producing conversations or music.

Eat what your body wants.

Eat until you are satisfied.

Eat (with the intention of being) in full view of others.

Eat with enjoyment, gusto and pleasure.

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May 13, 2010 at 6:04 pm | Fridays Finding Beauty, spring | 35 comments


35 responses to “Spring – a perfect time for change”

  1. Hi Claudia,

    i have never heard of this book or author. It sounds like you have really enjoyed reading it. It is so nice to find something that gives us that little “Aha” moment!

  2. Sarah says:

    Beautiful flowers, Claudia.  I’m linking my Alphabe-Thursday post this week.  I’ve wanted to participate in your Fridays Finding Beauty.  Thanks for hosting!

  3. Hi Claudia,  Your post was inspiring, very heartwarming and extremely open and honest… and you’ve convinced me to go buy this book and read it.    I could relate to so much of what you wrote.  Your favorite quote is one of my favorites to.   I think it’s Wayne Dyer.  I’ve tweeted it before.
    Thank you for hosting but mainly thank you for such a real post!

  4. Ebie says:

    Tulips are one of my favorite flowers! These are just gorgeous!

  5. Christine says:

    The flowers are beautiful, Claudia. I have never heard of the author but sounds very inspiring….Christine

  6. Patty M says:

    What beautiful photos…the tulips are gorgeous.

  7. Beverly says:

    Claudia, this is a beautiful and moving post.  Thank you for sharing this experience and your eye for beauty with all of us.
    Life is good.

  8. Claudia, I never grow tired of tulips, as a matter of fact I have a bunch of hot pink ones on my dining room table today. I love your gorgeous photos – thanks for sharing them with everyone.

  9. bj says:

    Beautiful post, Claudia. I am so sorry I forgot to link with you for today. Since I am already posted, I will now wait until next week to join.

    Your flower mosaics are so pretty. I LOVE all the different colors. Our wet winter and spring has made our flowers out here in West Texas prettier than they have ever been. My roses are just outdoing themselves…so pretty.

    Haven’t heard of the book but it sure sounds like you are sold on it. That’s great!!
    xo bj

  10. ldh says:

    You found an abundance of beauty in these shots!  I grew cosmos once and loved them but for some reason I remember them not liking our hot, humid summers.

  11. Karen Cox says:

    Oh Claudia, What an amazing post, I love what you wrote.  I have not read this book, but now I will.
    Several years ago my health was threatened.  I looked around and realized because, like you, I always walked around and acted like everything was okay, even when it wasn’t.  Always trying to make everyone happy, putting my own needs last.  Facing my pain, crying through the realization that most of my family and friends weren’t there for me, I went through the tests, seeing doctors alone.
    I spent several months not knowing what the tests would result in.  My family and friends just expected me to be the same, just like I had always been.  But during that trial I started taking better care of myself,  friends and family are nice but when you love you and accept you, life becomes truly joyful.  In the end when I had to face the possibility of  losing my health, it changed me forever.
    Your writing is beautiful.  I was thinking just  before I read your post, how beautiful your blog is and now you have music too.  You chose the most glorious way to link us for Finding Beauty and even your comment box is a lovely one-of-a-kind.  You are beautiful Claudia, and you spread beauty everywhere.

  12. glenda says:

    Claudia, you had me weeping…what a beautiful post…sharing your heart like that must have been wrenching for you…but we can start to heal that stuff only when  we see it…it’s in me, too.
    It’s down deep in me…today I buy the book, and I would like to talk to other gals about their feelings on it, too.

  13. Ah … I’ve written in journals for DECADES and never cease to be amazed when I look back from time to time because ‘issues’ return … cyclically.  Reading shows me how I’ve changed and what remains the same.  Your self-discovery ‘resonates’ with some of my own self awareness and reminds me that we all have the power to choose our response in every circumstance.  I’ve not read the book you cite in your post, but I’ve added it to my ‘list’ for when time permits.  In today’s post at Small Reflections I’ve shared what I’m reading … along with a variety of photos … many of which are beautiful.  Your flower mosaic is lovely!   I applaud you for your honest clarity here and wish you well on your journey.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Jill says:

    It’s so nice to take another step to finding our real selves! The book sounds like it hit such a chord with you. And the tulips are beautiful! ::Jill

  15. Carol says:

    Claudia, your lovely words and pictures prove what a beautiful person you are. You have a generosity of kindness and spirit. Hugs to you!

  16. Kiki says:

    Gorgeous photos..your flowers are such beauties! Wonderful post..great read!And wow such a  Lovely  blog! I am joining for the first time..what a beautiful idea!

  17. jeanne says:

    Beautiful time of the year Claudia. Lovely flowers and the new link up is cool!

  18. Kim says:

    Claudia,  I watched the show and thought it was very powerful.  I have thought of it often since.
    Love reading what you have to write.  You have such a special blog, always.

  19. JSELEP says:

    I just found this meme today.  I hope to check it out more tonight!

  20. KathyB. says:

    I remember the years I struggled with weight issues, and anorexia was part of those years. As I grow older i have observed the happiest and most successful people ( not monetarily necessarily) are those who are comfortable with themselves . I find I like being with people who strive to be better people , but accept themselves as they were created. I have also learned I do not struggle with excess weight when I STOP dieting. I do eat only when I am hungry, and eat what appeals to me. I find I have no trouble at all leaving less than tasty food on the plate, and passing by O.K. food to fill up on great food.Then, when I think I need to diet, all of a sudden I am obsessed with food and seem to gain weight. Apparently , like everything else in life, perception and balance are important. Vulnerability is hard, isn’t it? I have not read the book you mentioned, nor seen Oprah discuss it, but from what you have written there is a lot of food for thought here and you were very deeply moved. I will read past posts in your blog~thank-you.

  21. I haven’t heard of the book either Claudia; this author and others say the same things about when and where to eat but……..easier said than done as you know.  I am a stress eater and it’s hard to give up the comfort food.
    Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts.

  22. A Garden of Threads says:

    Lovely post, I to believe you need to face your pain, make peace with it and let it be.  Accept the way you feel at this moment, if you are sad then tell yourself this how I feel now, but this will pass.  I hope you find this acceptance as well. A beautiful mosaic, natures gift to us to enjoy and be thankful for.  Take care:)

  23. mary says:

    Oh Claudia, what a thoughtful, honest and beautiful post!  I think a lot of us struggle with these feelings from time to time.  You are a talented, brave and lovely woman!  Thanks so much for sharing at MM. 🙂 xoxo

  24. Isn’t spring glorious? The colours sure are!

  25. Valerie says:

    Your mosiac was very colourful as I am sure you are too.  Thanks for report on the book.  I will look for it.  I think most of us are trying to put one foot in front of the other in life.  We sometimes put ourselves down for this failing or another.   Your photo shows a fully competent and self assured woman and you probably are.  Valerie

  26. LindyLouMac says:

    Claudia, my apologies for not getting over her on Friday!  You will see from my recent posts that we have had a busy if wet few days recently. Anyway I am now a follower so hope to pop over from Italy more often:)

  27. Arleen says:

    Oh Claudia, I read your sweet thoughts on sisters. I lost my older one, Vickie,  4 years ago August, my brother,Dennis a year ago January and my sister, Terri, the end of March. I know you know Dennis and Terri. My heart has felt such an emptiness that I can’t even begin to express. Even though we know where they are and that we will be together again, I can’t call them on the phone, get a response from emails or send letters. And I can’t get their beautiful letters on holidays to catch us up on all of the years exciting events. I love my family and will be waiting impatiently for our reunion. And, Iam like so many of your comments, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. I am grateful for the info on the book you read and will get for myself. Thank you for sharing your very personal feelings. I had to contemplate our growing up memories and Isn’t it strange that I had no idea you felt that way. I thought I was all alone. Luv ya!!

  28. Cheri says:

    I very much enjoyed your blog post today.  I can so identify with parts that you wrote.  I plan to get this book and hopefully it will help me find some peace that I’ve been looking for also.  You are a special person to be able to write about your feelings and show your true self.  We can’t solve a problem until we recognize that we have one.  I look forward to visiting your blog often.  I do hope you find your peace.

  29. Eileen says:

    Claudia, beautiful tulips.  Spring time is a beautiful time of year.  There is beauty everywhere.
    I tried to link up with this week but the  link was already closed.

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