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close up SK RS

Good-morning, My name is Sam Kitty– Would you like a peek into my great life?

I’m a handsome devil don’t you think? I especially enjoy lounging on this bed, not only is it comfy with great sun, but the bedding matches my eyes.


sk riding RS

I live with 2 lovely humans, Beeb and Popz. I have them well trained… they brush me daily, they take me on trips on their shoulders,  fix great meals, and I even let them sleep with me.

Rav and Sam RS

Little history… My sister (Raven, Ravie for short) and I were rescued out of a window well to come live with this wonderful family. I miss her…

looking uptop RS

My days are found scoping out the neighborhood high atop my windowsill perch.

SK n colton RS

The west sun is wonderful… until some little munchkin comes pokes me.

Eating RS

I love to nibble on fresh flowers…

hugging shoe RS

But oooh how I enjoy the smell of shoe leather…..ummm better than Catnip.

blue cat RS

I have them trained so well that they have a song they sing to me every morning as we start the day… (Sing this to the tune of FLIPPER…ya know…the kids TV from long ago.)

“We call him Sammy, Sammy

Purry Von Whiskers, Tuna-fish Charlie,

Nosey Von Nuzzler…

We call him Sammy,

Lives in A world full of Wonder…

Lying here Under,

Under our Sheets!!”

SK stretch RS

Ahhh…yes… Live is GOOD!

Meow! 🙂 Sam Kitty.

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June 11, 2009 at 11:46 am | Sam Kitty | 11 comments


11 responses to “Sam Kitty– Guest Blogger”

  1. Beeb says:

    Thanks for that wonder story!!
    You have the only picture of our dear Ravie!!
    Sniff  Sniff
    Love you with all my heart DeDah!!

  2. thomas says:

    Wonderfull job, it automatically makes me smile, and hopefully others will as well.

    You should encourage others to send their stories and pictures as well … this could lead to something.

    Everyone loves animals, and loves their pets.

    “good news in troubled times”

    Thanks for the nice job … Well done!!


  3. songbirdtiff says:

    Beautiful photos!  I have a tuxedo cat called Agodor.  Did you see the pictures of my furry kids at the bottom of my blog?  They are scrolling under a header called “The Beasts”.  We have three dogs and two cats.  All spoiled rotten.  🙂

  4. Florida Sue says:

    What a gorgeous cat. He looks like he knows just what a handsome guy he is and it is wonderful that you rescued them. What did happen to Ravie? I can’t wait for my rescue dog “Little Buddy” to arrive on Friday. I agree; we all love our animals and in these tough times for so many, they are a ray of sunshine and hope.

  5. Mary Lou says:

    Hi!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  Your guest blogger is great!  I have two cats, but yours reminds me of my big one, Slimmys.  He likes shoes, too, and purses, and books.  They make nice pillows apparently.
    Your pictures are really nice, btw.
    Mary Lou

  6. Brenda Kula says:

    So reminds me of my handsome boy Clyde!

  7. Oh, the life…. but rescued animals deserve it, I think. Enjoy all the flowers and leather shoes you can, Sam Kitty. 🙂

  8. Debbie says:

    MY name is SAMMY THE SCHNAUZER.  My parents rescued me and they rescued Andy Pandy, the cat when he was just 6 days old and Spacey cat was just adopted…he wasn’t technically rescued. we all get along and have a good time.  I am sure glad they rescued me.
    you are a nice looking cat
    arf arf…that means hugs (my mother hugs every one)
    Sammy, the rescued silver schnauzer

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