Heavenly Day

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Pink intor

Long Friday for me…
I’m sure I have mentioned I work as a Design Consultant for a National Home builder. I love my job and the wonderful people I have the opportunity to work with. Some days are long though… and today one of them. I guess I was sort of having a bit of a pity party.

I was heading home up I-15– pretty busy traffic, when I noticed a young man in the car next to me beating on his steering wheel and flailing his arms and screaming (of course I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but I am pretty sure they were some colorful words) — the car in front of him had another younger man in it  and he was just as irritated and was looking in his rear view mirror screaming and flailing his arms all about too!

I am quite aware that this was a very dangerous situation–

BUT honestly all I could do was bust out laughing — I mean laugh HARD and loud (ok,maybe I even snorted but no one was there so I won’t admit to that)  and I said to myself — “Claudia those boys are having a MUCH worse day than you!! Snap out of this!!”

So, I took myself to one of my local hang outs. Some people hang out at bars or pubs… me… I walk gardens…(yes i know BoooHOOORing)  But they lift me up! With my i-pod plugged in I was listening to fantastic orchestration. Some how it seems just as the music begins to swell I would round a corner to find quite by happenstance, a perfect moment in time just ready for me to capture. Serendipity— Nudge nudge — hence the name 🙂

I know many of you are weary of flower photos, but I know when the snow is falling, in a couple of months from now, I will long for more flowering days.

daisy field




Blue front



Borrowing some Lyrics from Patti Griffin — Heavenly Day

“Heavenly Day”

Oh heavenly day, all the clouds blew away
Got no trouble today with anyone
The smile on your face I live only to see
It’s enough for me, baby, it’s enough for me
Oh, heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day

Tomorrow may rain with sorrow
Here’s a little time we can borrow
Forget all our troubles in these moments so few
All we’ve got right now, the only thing that
All we really have to do
Is have ourselves a heavenly day
Lay here and watch the trees sway
Oh, can’t see no other way, no way, no way
Heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day

No one at my shoulder bringing me fears
Got no clouds up above me bringing me tears
Got nothing to tell you, I’ve got nothing much to say
Only I’m glad to be here with you
On this heavenly, heavenly, heavenly, heavenly
Heavenly day, all the trouble’s gone away
Oh, for a while anyway, for a while anyway
Heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day

by Patti Griffin

Snap Dragon

Happy End of the Week!  and… Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks to Bev at How Sweet the Sound, go visit and see what others are enjoying this week.

Thanks for letting me share my smile with you,  divine visitors, you mean more to me than you will ever know. Let me know you stopped by leaving me a note in the comments section!  TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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August 8, 2009 at 12:06 am | Pink | 32 comments


32 responses to “Heavenly Day”

  1. hmmm, yes there are truly some very silly men drivers around are there not, and yep it makes me laugh too…trying to teach my boys that road rage is not clever…
    love those pink hanging baskets and you garden walks, not boring at all

  2. what a beautiful place and what perfect pictures you have taken, Are you sure this is not a movie set? It is so perfectly beautiful!

  3. Shirley says:

    Your photos are stunning.  Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Dreamgirl says:

    OH, I love your photos. They are just wonderful!
    And your website… very beautiful indeed!
    So glad you stopped by my blog so that I could return the favor – and find this wonderful world of yours… Serendipity?
    (I enjoyed the movie too)

    Have a lovely pink Saturday!

  5. Claudia, what a beautiful post today! I could never get tired of flower photos, especially when they’re as beautiful as yours are. These gardens are wonderful . . . wish I lived there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments!

    Have a terrific Pink Saturday!
    Teresa the MiniMadWoman

  6. Candy says:

    Oh how could anyone tire of looking at such beauty. The perfect garden of Eden to refresh one’s soul. That was too funny about the freeway business. Life is like that…when things seem bad, look around there is always someone worse. Soooo puts life in perspective.  Thanks for stopping by for my little lamp show. 😉

  7. Sares says:

    I never get tired of looking at flower pictures and yours are beautiful. The poem went with the gardens very well too. Happy Pink Saturday and have a loveleigh day!

  8. stefanie says:

    how beautiful, i never get tired of looking at flowers, those look like a stream.

  9. Hi, Claudia,
    Nope, I can never see too many flower pictures so just post away!  Everything was so beautiful.  I enjoyed your story about the two arguing boys and the amusement you found in it.  Thank you for visiting me at Bunny Cottage.  Hope your weekend is a good one.  Vicki

  10. Claudia, your post had me laughing so hard! No, the gardens aren’t boring, they’re breathtaking. As for the two guys…they need prayer, and good for you that you could laugh and get some perspective on your own life! Things can always be worse, so having a grateful heart for what you have is always best…I try hard to remember that, too. You might want to post this again for Spiritual Sunday! And thanks for visiting my post today…so nice to meet you! I’ll be back to visit you again, and look forward to more of your garden walks!

  11. peggy gatto says:

    I had a heavenly time, thank you!!!

  12. Beautiful pictures for P.S. I love your story about the other drivers, thanks for sharing.

  13. Claudia says:

    Hi Claudia! I never get tired of beautiful photos of flowers – yours are spectacular. Love the story about the two male drivers, I bet it helped put everything in perspective. Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. Florida Sue says:

    It is mind boggling when you see people blowing their corks over some stranger slighting them on the highway. All of that wasted energy. There is nothing like a good dose of beautiful mother nature to put it all into perspective. It’s a wonderful song, and the flowers are gorgeous. I hope you have had a wonderful day.

  15. Meg says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hadn’t put my post up when you visited  and it is great to meet you. Your sight is a feast for the eyes. Enjoy the splendor. Happy Pink Day!! Meg

  16. LaVoice says:

    I never tire of beautiful flowers.  I want to se and enjoy them while I can.  After your gone, they are nothing. You arte so right aboout other drivers.  You have to watch them more than yourself.  Road rage is a very bad thing.  Glad all went well for you and you had time to visit me.

  17. Sherry says:

    Claudia, I so enjoy visiting your blog. I wish I had just a few of the gardens the you see so often. The are so serene and eye candy appealing. I could lay down in some of these grasses and read for a whole day and not be able to breathe in everything around me. Happy Pink Saturday honey, and thank you so much for sharing. Country Hugs, Sherry

  18. Happy Pink Saturday, Claudia!  Great story!  I would have lol’d too!  Your photos are lovely!  I always love to see beautiful blooms!  I can’t imagine why anyone would become weary of such beauty!  I enjoyed your post!  Thanks for sharing!


  19. envoy-ette says:

    Thx for stopping by my blog earlier today! Your pictures are just gorgeous. I always thought we ladies should design fashion the way God designs flowers and fish. The color combinations are so exciting, as the flower in your 3rd photo shows! Hope your time at the gardens was a soothing one!

  20. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous photos and so relaxing!

  21. JANY says:

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    *** Just Simply Beautiful***
    I love flowers. They always put me in a good mood. The most depressing day for my is the first day of frost and they all die.
    Don’t forget to “Look in the Nook”

  22. elyse says:

    oh claudia,

    what vibrant photos! makes me forget all about those guys and their road rage!

  23. Fifi Flowers says:

    Oh my… WOW… stunning COLOUR… LOVE it!

  24. JoAnn says:

    Amazing photos – and what a glorious post.  I love to photograph flowers too – or most anything that catches my fancy – and I really enjoy other people’s photos too.  Your look almost like paintings they are so beautiful.

  25. Connie says:

    That setting looks beautiful, honey. I wish my view was like that. Heck, I wish my porch was that beautiful!

  26. Karen Cox says:

    Oh, I love your hang out, I walk gardens here too.  Your photographs are amazing, and it certainly looks like a heavenly day.  I love it when I am about to embark on a less than passionate day, and I am snapped back into being thankful.  Your surroundings are enchanting.

  27. Beautiful website. I love all of the beautiful gardens! Thanks for sharing & for coming by my blog to visit.

  28. m says:

    What a heavenly spot!
    m ^..^

  29. I don’t think hanging out/strolling in the garden is boring :-)I mean, just look at the view you have taken – just a beautiful place to be with.

  30. Love, love, love your post!! Your images are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing such beauty–I am inspired!

    Best to you,

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  31. Porch Days says:

    Keep on with the flower photos! Never too many flowers! Your photos are scrumptious.

  32. sharon says:

    You should feel so blessed that so many people think your posts are delightful.  You have such a talent to see the beauty in the world after all that you have gone through.  I am amazed at the beauty in your photos and the love that you share……Love you S

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