Tulip Festival 2016

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IMG_4533Windless and 72 degrees. What could be more perfect?

I arrived at Thanksgiving Point at 9:01 to view the gardens. From past experiences I knew if I didn’t get there early I would be be dodging people, so I grabbed a golf cart and off I flew. The other indulgence was turning up my Iphone with a lovely background music — my very own soundtrack.

The gardens are groomed beyond beautiful and this year Mother Nature timed this showing perfectly. Seriously I don’t recall it ever looking prettier.

IMG_4646Color combinations were yummy.

IMG_4654I came around a bend to find this wee one totally engaged with this life size chess set.


My favorite quiet spot is the Secret Garden…

IMG_4573After my garden adventure, I parked my cart.

I am so fortunate because while i was photographing this breath taking garden, seldom did i have to wait for people to get out of my shot… yet when I left there were honestly 100s of people arriving to see the festival. What a Serendipitous day for me!!  “ohhh the happy accidents” that see me follow me!


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April 26, 2016 at 12:21 pm | Photography, spring | No comment


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