Tulip Festival

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To enhance the viewing experience CLICK HERE { Then click on the song, I often go walking–it will open on a new page} then you can come back and view the pictures.

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

This morning 60 degrees, no wind and blue skies! It couldn’t have been a lovlier day to take a walk with my boyfriend… oooops! I mean my camera.





Look how yummy and thick these leaves on this tree are. I was amazed how lucky I was to be able to enjoy and take such fun pictures and not have any people walk into the shot! Do you think my shot gun  on my back scared them off?


Do you see the Princess over seeing the tulip boardered water fall?


Close up and personal.



Another Dipity Road— Serendipity, finding fortune by happenstance!

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May 7, 2009 at 12:23 am | Photography | 5 comments


5 responses to “Tulip Festival”

  1. pajamadeen says:

    What _beautiful_ pictures!  I’m sure the other readers will agree, that you really have an eye for photography and for composition.  Show us more!  🙂

  2. Absolutely breathtaking!!! Great shots Claud!!

  3. Hanh T Nguyen says:

    The pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and please show us more

  4. Dipity says:

    Hanh!! What is your email hon– could love to email you.
    Mine is cwphotography@live.com if you want to contact me.

  5. Yasmin says:

    breath taking pictures you took. Thank you for sharing. Could you let me know where this is at? I would love to visit such a beautiful place one day. Thank you.

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