All in the Presentation

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Polka dot plates RS

This week I found my pocket book quite empty,  still I went shopping!! Not necessarily shopping for “things” but shopping for great shots.

I stopped by a quaint boutique, The Emporium. In I went –camera in hand.

I’m not really sure who said it… Probably Martha Stewart, but it really is…

 “All in the Presentation.”

Long a fan of the window merchandiser, items working hand in hand  to create the artists’ vision, I love the Presentation. Especially when a shop keeper gets it… and understands how to showcase their unique treasures.

black and white display RS

Black and white Classic

Stack of poka dots RS

Piles of Pink Polka Dots

cookbook and frame RS

Color the only similarity

Quilt Rack RS

Yummy texture

simple white RS

Displaying simple white with touches of color

cutest shoes RS

These darling lil shoes, for a second, had me thinking I should at least “RENT” a little girl with feet just this size.  (emphasis on the “just for a second”)

So, today I am hooked on Merchandising and it seems in reflection, lots of PINK and dont forget to check out its a beautiful life over at The inspired room.  So be sure and check out all three  of these spots. (click on the Purple words)


side note: My thoughts are with Farrah Fawcetts family– an icon, an artist and free spirt… I thank her for her inspirational hair, which I never quite achieved.♥

TF Point and rainbow RS 

We had a huge storm Tonight– after the storm–  if you look very carefully you can see the DOUBLE rainbow.


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June 25, 2009 at 11:07 pm | Photography | 48 comments


48 responses to “All in the Presentation”

  1. Porch Days says:

    What wonderful photos. Thanks for taking me on a shopping trip. I enjoyed it!

  2. Atticmag says:

    You captured the merchandising effect well.  I always say there’s power in numbers, and those pink hat boxes show that so well.  Love the “rent” a little girl comment.  Too funny! Jane T.

  3. m says:

    Such  great pictures!!!!!!
    m ^..^

  4. sue says:

    love the PINK polkadots!!!

  5. Alea says:

    I can afford this kind of shopping trip!

  6. suzie says:

    I love merchandizing, it really can help make or break the sale! The little shoes are darling, I know someone with a birthday coming up that is a little ‘shoe princess’ and would love those little shoes!

  7. DesignTies says:

    Hahahahah!! Your idea about renting a girl with small-shoe sized feet made me laugh!! 😀
    This is a really interesting post, and your pictures are great. I don’t know if I would have been a able to stop at just taking pictures — I see lots of things in the displays that I would have wanted to bring home with me!!
    Good luck in our tassel giveaway 🙂
    Kelly @ DesignTies

  8. Oh, those shopkeepers do know how to display so well;  I usually intend to buy just one thing, but end up desiring everything on display.

    Loving that black and white classic collection.

  9. Love the photos! I often wander through shops, too, enjoying them like living art galleries. This has inspired me to be brave enough to take photos when I do! Thank you.

  10. love the photos. thanks for sharing.

  11. Tracey says:

    What lovely photos – and inspiring ideas for use around my own house! I’m also a previous Farrah-hairstyle desirer who didn’t quite get the look but tried anyway!

  12. I just love shops like these – and you have captured the textures and colours beautifully.  It reminds me of Avoca, a shop we have in Belfast – I took similar pics for a blog post back on 27th Feb of this year if you want to peak!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Great pictures and who doesn’t love pink and polka dots. Who wouldn’t love to have Fara Faucet’s hair.

  14. Brenda Kula says:

    I love those white mourning birds on the pedestals! Love to have them. I think you’re right: it’s all in the display and presentation. Some of the women with these blogs just have a knack for it. I’m trying to learn as I go!

  15. Wow  – such a fun post to show how they merchandise everything. Let me know what link to put in for your Frugal Fashionista post and I can correct it. The URL you left just brings it to the home page and not your post.
    Thanks 😉 Jen

  16. Terry Kearns says:

    I think store windows are negleced by design lovers.  They are worthy of study. The Nieman Marcus windows in Atlanta are always elegant.

  17. Presentation really is everything! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I think you have one of the cutest blog names I’ve ever seen. 🙂 Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  18. Looks like such a cute store! Your photos make me jealous that I don’t live in your town 🙂

  19. Patti Cakes says:

    I like the pink.  I was looking at pink purses today but didn’t get one. Pink is good!

  20. Karen says:

    Terrific pictures!!!

  21. Sherry says:

    Oh Claudia!
    I absolutely love visiting you. Your photography is breath taking. Love the pink, but the quilts and the pink boxes are a love for me. I cannot pass up a quilt. I am so hooked on the texture, the handiwork, the colors, everything about them. You outdid yourself today. The rainbow is so beautiful. I wish we would get a storm or two here in Phoenix. We need the rain so bad. I spent about 6+ hours doing yard work today, but got a lot done. Posted pics on my Pink Saturday. “Country Hugs”, Sherry

  22. Jillian says:

    Great looking blog! And yes, presentation is key! Love those pink boxes with the polka dots…

  23. ~*~ Patty says:

    Lovely photos and your final double rainbow shot is amazing! ~*Happy Pink Saturday*~

  24. Debbie says:

    AWESOME!!! I love polk-a-dots. Thank you for taking me on your shopping trip. I had so much fun. A true photographer can tell the story without words…your photography left me wanting to see more and buy every thing. You not only told your story but from a shop owner’s perspective you sold the story…..I look forward to every post since I found your blog.
    you are a beautiful woman with a camera for a paint brush.
    I love rainbows and that was a pretty rainbow.

  25. Happy Pink Saturday.   I love those merchandising shots, how perfect for today.
    Your blog is so lovely. It is such a pleasure to get to know you and see you around the blogs.
    Warm Regards,

  26. stefanie says:

    beautiful store, your pictures are amazing, have a wonderful weekend.

  27. Mimi says:

    ♥What a sweet Pink Saturday blog post! There’s just something about the color pink that brings out the best of everything☺

    Have a wonderful weekend. Finally warm and sunny here, hope your neck of the woods is just as pink-a-licious as mine♥

  28. Sandi says:

    Hi Claudia,
    Love all your pinks! Love the polka dots!! Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend.

  29. Claudia
    Cute Pink! Love the polka-dots…happy Pink…Love the beautiful double rainbow…Thanks for stopping by…Katherinellen

  30. Mary says:

    That was quite a shopping expedition. I’m exhausted :-), but loved every minute of it . Have a wonderful weekend.

  31. Claudia Hill says:

    I have a friend who owns a shop and she is fabulous at Merchandizing. It really is a skill, isn’t it? Love your photos, but the best is that double rainbow! Happy Pink Saturday!

  32. I enjoyed your post Claudia-esp. the pink quilts. I do love presentation too. Thanks for your comments on my blog earlier. Sweetpea Sue

  33. Sue says:

    As someone who started out in retail before getting into the decorating field, I had a head start on merchandising! I used to love to do little displays. And that was back in the day when stores actually had display cabinets to feature things! It definitely is all in the presentation. It makes people imagine how it could look, and it gives inspiration. And some people need more  inspiration more than others… LOL      I still like to “window shop” as my mother called it. It doesn’t cost a dime and sometimes I can glean some clever ideas….     Sue

  34. Maya says:

    Great way to shop…, taking pictures back home instead of merchandise. Good saving tip. The rainbow is gorgeous!

  35. Yes Ma’am! It is ALL about the presentation! Love those beautiful vignettes you shot, especially THE SHOES! Adorable.


    p.s. That last picute is amazing…is that your yard? It is gorgeous.

  36. beansie says:

    Hi Claudia! Love all the pinks, in your post today!..  Blogging is still a fairly new world to me, so I work to gradually improve my photography and “presentation” skills as I go along.  I just hope I’m showing even the slightest degree of  improvement as I go along.  I have been blogging only since February.  Of all the pinks you present today…   I think I really love the polka dotted pink boxes the best!  They are just so CUTE!!

  37. Patricia says:

    What lovely Pinks and a great post. Happy Pink Saturday and have a beautiful new week.

  38. CC says:

    Such great pictures. I loved all the pinks you found. Happy Pink Saturday..have a great weekend.

  39. fitty says:

    classic! pink & black.. great match! Happy PS! have a great weekend

  40. Regina says:

    The last one is fantastic.Great post as always!

  41. Sherry says:

    Good Morning Claudia!
    If you get the chance stop by and see my Sunday post. I thought of you as I was clicking my camera. You have inspired me to see things through my lens again. Thanks so much. “Country Hugs”, Sherry

  42. Sara says:

    What a neat shop, it looks like they have some beautiful things. What an amazing photo of the double rainbows, thanks for sharing.

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  44. Fifi Flowers says:

    LOVE polka dots… they are soooo HAPPY!!!

  45. My favorite are the quilts with all the texture. I sometimes go shopping with my camera — you can get some really good ideas.
    Would that last picture be at Thanksgiving Point?  So beautiful.

  46. Candy says:

    Thanks for stopping by my pretty little hammock, please leave the sweet guy who brings us our Texas tea.
    I was just in the SLC airport on our way to and from Idaho. Wish we could have visited the festival. Thanks for showing me around.
    Happy 4th weekend,

  47. Struggler says:

    Great point, presentation can make all the difference.

    I love that black and white grouping.

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