4 legged assignment

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This week for fun I am following a photo assignment with Pioneer Woman — Ree is one of the most popular bloggers; with a best selling cookbook and now a movie on its way!

This weeks assignment — Four Legged creatures!

I loved attending this event!  I just wish I had had my better lens then!

Remember this tongue?

Cuddling up with this cutie would not be fun!

This is a VERY old photo — but one of my most beloved friends — Sarah, the Old English Sheepdog!

Keep watching for the beauty in your life!


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November 10, 2010 at 10:43 am | Photography | 4 comments


4 responses to “4 legged assignment”

  1. Claudie says:

    Do you know that I have ALWAYS wanted on Old English Sheepdog? I have…but I know they take so much grooming and care, not that I wouldn’t care for it, but living in the country the poor things would be a black sheepdog lol.
    How are you? I miss you. Your never on FB anymore….are you a twitter now?
    Going to Montreal for the weekend. Spending time with Manon. Looking forward to it.
    I’m also driving Sister Lolotte to her sisters in Mtl. LOVE HER.
    Have a great weekend girlfriend.

  2. Michelle says:

    Great pictures.
    My faves are the 2nd and last.

  3. Porch Days says:

    Great photos. I’m wondering how far that dog jumped.

  4. Claudia,
    These are all good, especially the sheep and giraffes. I am subscribing to your blog so I don’t miss any posts.
    Your Friend,

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