Oh Deer

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Siloah RS Knowing I wanted to participate with Susan at Southern Daydreamer with Outdoor Wednesday, I hopped in the ol PT Cruiser and went cruising.

Isn’t this old rusted out Silo amazing? I really couldn’t find a road to get  close up– but this gives you an idea.

This particular day is a perfect example of the Dipity RoadI wander.  My intention was to head up the canyon to scout out something but instead (Serendipity) — I had a happy finding! I think the abandoned Silo looks like a very cool quilt. I could imagine all the hard work that went into this, now gorgeous, worn and tired– but still a beautiful building. 

In FACT I found TWO happy findings!!

Rounding a winding road I looked into a young tree nursery…  a bit beyond was a group of 4 BUCKS bouncing and playing. I stopped abruptly and backed up.

 (I know… one of these days I am going to be smacked into by another person not watching the road!)  The blog “gods” are watching out for me I guess.

I slowly came down the gravel road… *sigh* and of course they stopped their antics. In fact, two bounced off before I could focus my camera.

Deer 1

They watched me very intently. I stayed pretty quiet so they seemed to not mind my interruption and watched me back.

Do you see the kids swing set? Well, before I so rudely interupted their play — they had that “horse” swing just dancing.

Play horse RS

This is where I wish I owned a video camera– would’ve made YOU-Tube for sure 🙂

Closer review  RS

This young guy look like he has been a rascal in the past and someone clean his clock.

Look– he has had one of  antlers knocked off.

Can’t you just hear his mother– “Ohhh yes…it’s all fun — UNTIL someone gets hurt!”

Going RS

They got board of me and started to leave…

Others Framed RS

As I was turning around I noticed the two that had bounded off initially– they hadn’t gone far–

Others 2 RS

Ok–  they were not the bravest of the four– but they had their buddies backs!

I thanked them all for a lovely day– a Serendipitous find!

I hope you all find something Serendipitous along your Road today…it’s there if you take the time to look.

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

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February 2, 2010 at 9:22 pm | Outdoor Wednesday | 17 comments


17 responses to “Oh Deer”

  1. Pat says:

    Fabulous photos Claudia!  The silo does look like an old quilt.
    The bucks look so playful and a little curious about you! I’d love to be the one to find their antlers when they fall off !  They are so expensive to buy here in the east.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

    XO  Pat

  2. laurie says:

    What great photo ops you found! Love the old silo, and the deer are so pretty. You got some great pictures of them. laurie

  3. quiltworks says:

    I love the old cilo.  Very artisitc photo
    <a href=”http://quilt–works.blogspot.com/2010/02/misty-ocean-shore-photo- by-quiltworks.html”>

    … beauty in the mist</a>


  4. Delores says:

    Oh deer indeed.  What great shots of a beautiful buck.  The silo does look like a patchwork quilt too.  – Delores

  5. Joyce M says:

    Silo shot is g-r-e-a-t!    Watching those deer play must have brought you a feeling of sheer joy.
    Joyce M

  6. I love the silos!

    The deer photos are wonderful!

  7. Great pictures!  Love the ones of the deer.  Yes, they can be a problem crossing roads.  I personally have never hit one, but know people that have.

  8. Mary says:

    What perfect pictures for Outdoor Wednesday. I, of course, love the silo, but there is one shot of the deer where he looks like he’s posing for you. I hope you are havining a great day. Blessings…Mary

  9. Lori E says:

    The rusty silo picture would make a good puzzle.
    How funny to find the deer in a playground. There are so many deer around our cabin that you have to be extra careful on the drive up there. Every other meadow has 20-30 hanging around.

  10. Tracy says:

    What a great post!  The silo is beautiful, like an autumn colored quilt.  Great shots of the deer.  You did a fabulous job of capturing them.

    Thank you for sharing them with us.

    ~ Tracy

  11. jeanne says:

    Hi Claudia, I do love your photos today.  The silo reminds me of the one we had on our farm in MI when I was a little girl.  It is a great shot from the past.  The bucks are awesome.  they are so beautiful.  They come out when hunting season is over.  How do they know?  I know you had a wonderful time observing and photographing those gorgeous creatures.  A fun post today.  You are right, my post was fun too. Smiling!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. Mary Anne Komar says:

    Oh my goodness!  What great shots. Yesterday while waiting in a parking lot, facing a rural country road, a murder of crows where showing their supreme intelligence!  Each one having found a hazelnut tree off in the distance, flew over the road, dropped the nut, and let the passong cars do the hard bit of opening the shells!!! Then down they sailed and dined on their treasures!!! How smart are they?  Wish I had had a video camera too!!!!

  13. Helena says:

    These are great shots! I love that old silo … I bet it has a lot of stories to tell.

  14. ldh says:

    Hi Claudia!  You sure did have a fun day!  The silo is beautiful and does remind me of a patchwork quilt.
    You got some great shots of the deer even though you interrupted their play.
    So nice visiting!
    PS I used picnik to play with the sepia pics

  15. Ebie says:

    I have fun reading your post. Oh deer indeed!

  16. Jay says:

    Oh, wow!  What an amazing find, to come across those young deer playing like that in the snow!  A gift!  And you made me laugh with your quip about that young rogue’s mother.  LOL!
    And yes, the silo is beautiful. I do love old rusting buildings, for some reason.  Odd, because I’d have hated that silo when it was new.

  17. m says:

    Oh, how I would love to see something like that!
    m ^..^

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