Something’s Gotta Give

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They say to write what you know — or about what you love. (When I figure out who they are I gonna have a serious talk with them…)

With that thought in mind, I am combining two of my passions: Homes (houses, interiors, furnishings … ahhh I could ramble on and on) and Movies!  Again my old friends “they” say that art imitates life and I find quite often that our lives are often inspired by art.

I consider Movies Art (of course only the ones I love) Wouldn’t want to get into a verbal discussion of what others may see as art, so for the sake of conversation this view point is simply my own preference.  (Ahhh now I am understanding more and more what Blogging is about– my perspective!!  By jove I’ve got it!!)

My sweet father was a theatre manager my whole growing up life. He loved his job and I loved his job. While other families enjoyed camping and fishing and boating, changing my reality by simply going to the movies was my favorite past time.  I never had to pay for admitance and quite frankly as I grew up I often questioned who my true friends were or if they simply wanted to get into the movies for free. (eeeek do I really want to wander down that road?)

Something’s Gotta Give, a movie starring Jack Nicholson (Harry Sandborn) and Diane Keaton (Erica Berry) was written and directed by Nancy Meyers.  (Top Picture — Front view of the Erica’s house in East Hampton. While there was also great performances by Keanu Reeves, Frances McDormand and Amanda Peet… I think one of the strongest charaters in this movie was the house!

Short synopsis : Sixty-something Harry (Nicholson), who has dated only 20-something women for decades, goes to a beach house with young Marin (Amanda Peet). Marin’s middle-aged mom Erica (Keaton) shows up there, Harry has a heart attack, and he and Erica spend time together while he convalesces, falling in love along the way.

Please excuse this  crude over view of this movie– because  whole story line and how it is played out is brilliant; but for the sake of my point here let me share pictures I took of my DVD version of this movie and why I love the character — The House.


Look at this yummy kitchen! Is this text book Hampton’s style or what? I dream about this kitchen. Great granite black counter tops contrast the luxurious white cabinets.


The style of the mismatched dining side table and great art work sincerely inspires me. I have watched this video numerous times just to get accessory placement ideas.


The view from this bedroom study must be inspirational– no writers block here.


Not only does this house excite me… but this movie gave me such hope that it still is possible that men Harry’s age could be and should be fascinated by creative, successful and sexy women their OWN age.

Oh! The sound track in this movie is a definate I-pod must have.

Hans Zimmer  has such a destintive style (you might also love him from another one of my favorites The Holiday.)

Do you have a favorite movie that you loved? I have several and hopefully down the road I will break out my camera again and see what I can come up with.

Ciao! Claudia

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April 14, 2009 at 1:35 am | Movies | 3 comments


3 responses to “Something’s Gotta Give”

  1. Shirley says:

    Just stopping by to say hi!!! 

  2. I adore the Somethings Gotta Give house!!!! I think it is about time for me to watch it again, I’m sure I’ll be just as inspired the second time around!

  3. Dipity says:

    Thanks Melissa for stopping! I have really enjoyed your blog for some time. Like your blog title… you are inspiring.

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