Baby It’s Cold outside

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mosaic 1 10 10  RS                              Christmas and New Year are behind us! New topic of conversation seems to be WEATHER!

Doesn’t Mother Nature artistry shine once again? As she paints frosty lace on trees and windows.

Everyone seems to have a Cold Weather Story.

My sister in Montana called me saying it was 19 BELOW the other day– that was not the wind chill factored in! Brrrrr

framed edges RS

I recall, many years ago,  having to run down the snow filled stairs in Montana, when our cute Cozzette (Bision Frise) went out to do her business and she couldn’t get back up the stairs after her tinkle froze her in place!  🙂 Poor Babyyyy.

Make sure to stop by Mary’s Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

Also be sure and bundle the kids up! After watching over and over and over one of my favorites The Christmas Movie— don’t let the kids succumb to the “TRIPLE Dog DARE.”


Just for the sake of wonderment– I promise to NOT share this with your kids— Did you ever take a Triple Dog Dare?

This Friday will be my 100th post — I can not believe I have posted that much; but  stop by our Fridays Finding Beauty and see what you could win!  And I promise it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! 🙂

TTFN~~  Claudia ♥ ♥

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January 10, 2010 at 8:59 pm | Mosaic | 35 comments


35 responses to “Baby It’s Cold outside”

  1. ellen b says:

    I know it’s really cold but the effects are so darn beautiful!! Stay cozy and warm…

  2. pam says:

    Oh Claudia…these mosaics are so beautiful.   The detail you captured and the color…gorgeous.

  3. Jill says:

    It’s cold everywhere but here (California)! ::Jill

  4. Jenn says:

    Great, great captures!

  5. Ebie says:

    Your winter under moonlit night is gorgeous!
    <a href=” ilies/”>Ebie’s Mosaic.</a>

  6. Lana G! says:

    Cold, yet beautiful!

  7. Kathleen says:

    Your pictures are wonderful..but chilling..:)
    I am glad I am not spending money on a Fla vacation to sit inside because it is cold!
    Thanks for stopping by, Claudia!

  8. joannclegg says:

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.  You have some beautiful winter photos.  Makes me shiver just to see all the frost!

  9. Connie says:

    Nice to meet you and for you to drop by, honey. Where are you living that it is so cold? It’s very cold in Idaho right now but no snow; it all melted.

  10. Kathy says:

    Beautiful mosaic – frameable pics!  It does look cold!!! 
    Have a beautiful new week…Kathy

  11. Jenn says:

    Hi Kathy!  Thank you for your kind words.  I actually commented earlier but would like to reiterate that I love your mosaic.  The details are incredible.  I do not live in a place that snows so I super enjoyed the details of your captures.  Have a great week ahead!  🙂

  12. Jenn says:

    Oops I meant Hi Claudia!

  13. Hi Claudia!  what a wonderful mosaic all in shades of grey/blue – such exquiste pcitures!!!!

  14. suzyq says:

    Hi Claudia, Thanks for visiting!! It is so hard to believe you are freezing at the moment and I am just melting from the heat. Love your mosaics – as you know I did my first this week!

  15. jeanne says:

    It’s 1 degree here right now and even though these pictures are so cold they’re gorgeous! It has been a strange winter all over hasn’t it.  

  16. Rhondi says:

    Hi Claudia
    Thanks for stopping by.  Your photos are beautiful!

  17. kathysue says:

    Hi Claudia, I always look forward to seeing what you have posted,your photography is amazing. These picts are stunning. I just did a blog post the other day titled the same as you on my new blog, if you have a chance stop by,Kathysue

  18. kathysue says:

    For some reason my blog address is not coming up you can see it at

  19. Karen Cox says:

    What gorgeous photographs and beautiful mosaic.  This blue tint really makes me brrrrrrrrrrr cold.  Looks like a scene from Dr. Zhviago.  Your  photography is so lovely.

  20. marina says:

    wow…those ice “decorations” on the leaves are just gorgeous!!!!!

  21. Your photos are lovely. Stay warm.

  22. Claudie says:

    Well I have been poked in the eye and you can keep that for sure!!!
    As for the double dog dare, I double dog dared a kid in grade school and she did it OMG. I had to give her my cute white go go boots. I couldn’t believe how stupid she was…but she really wanted my boots. My mother killed me ahahaah
    It’s -20 here, so no big deal in Montana. Ours in celsius though Canadian style.
    Are you feeling better yet?
    See you tonight after the “Bachelor”? or tomorrow.
    Love Ya

  23. mary says:

    Wow, these are just plain gorgeous, Claudia!  Thanks so much for sharing at MM. 🙂

  24. Susan says:

    I see what you mean that we were on the save wave-length photo-wise 🙂  Beautiful shots and the blue color makes it seem even more cold!

  25. bj says:

    I’ve taken more DOUBLE DOG DARE YA’S than I could ever count…never even HEARD of a TRIPLE DOG DARE.

  26. Charlene says:

    Your mosaic is WONDERFUL!!!!!  It’s been cold here but, not THAT cold.      Your new Friday Event looks wonderful!  The button you designed for it is lovely!  The theme is wonderful & true.  Just look around to see the beauty.    I hope I can remember to come back to visit.  Have a great week.

  27. ELK says:

    claudia the blues and whites in your photos lend the cold feel so well…lovely!

  28. Tara says:


    What wonderful mosaics, love the frost all over the leaves–nice blog, too!

  29. Pat says:

    Hi Claudia

    Your wintry blue mosaic is beautiful!  I had to chuckle a little  at your story about poor little Cosette,  as that must have been so unusual…it must have been bitter cold that night!

    Happy upcoming 100 post! Blog time adds up quickly doesn’t it?

  30. Paula says:

    I guess we’re in this thing together! Down here in Florida it’s COLD! I really do like the blue tint to the mosaic and think it’s really fabulous.

  31. kamana says:

    i am loving seeing all the lovely photos of snow and ice and frost and icicles. stay warm.

  32. LOL fun post!  I LOVE the gorgeous blue hues and crystallized snow flakes on the leaves!  Just beautiful!  Nice clear shot of the new moon too!  Never did a triple dog dare but hubby says he did! OUCH!  Your photos are…..magical, I am imagining the frost and fog and almost spooky atmosphere, but still magical!  I would be sitting by a fireplace sipping on a cup of hot something and listening to the fire crackling, maybe picking up a book or my crochet hook, listening to some music..or better yet, listening to the radio and an old fashion mystery story!  Hard to find…but they still do have them!

  33. Meri says:

    Haven’t been here for a while, so first: the blue montage is gorgeous. I did one myself a while back. Second: congrats on reaching 100, and going forward with more. And three, my Bichon just detests cold and freezy weather and wants to tinkle under the eaves when it’s snowy so she doesn’t have to freeze her little feet.

  34. wow
    what fabulous photos
    it’s a shame we have to live through such misery to get the results! LOL

  35. Carol says:

    Gorgeous moonlight pictures!  Have a great weekend!

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