Slow Transition

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Bakers Rack RS Done

And so it begins….

Many of you know that I have recently moved, so for the next while I will be sharing the before and afters of my transition.

I have moved into a lovely condo — but I am not allowed to paint. AND… because I really have a desire to stay safe, I opted for an attached garage– THUS not many windows.

Empty B4  RS

Small nook– the before shot.


Bakers Rack RS Done

I have trucked my wonderful wrought iron bakers rack all over the place– this time choosing to arrange it with creams and whites. (to help brighten the spot)

Profile RS

And I am very partial to Angels and Birds. (you really get to see up close and personal what your likes are when time after time you find in boxes similar themes.)

Top Tear RS

This wrought flower cart will be such fun to change out with the seasons.


B Rack Collage RS

More rooms to share– thanks for hanging in there with me.

Be sure to stop by Mary and her Mosaic Mondays. She is such a talent and you will be in for a real treat if you run through all the blogs that participate with her.

I know it’s about a half-hour early but I am ANNOUNCING the winner of the 100th Blog celebration.

It was about 50/50 on entrants who enjoyed them — so I decided to take all the comments/ button posters / and entries of Friday~Finding Beauty– divide them into two separate boxes. (sorry no hats around) and I drew one winner from EACH!

Bird Tassell  RS 300

Nancy from MyLittleCraftyPage — If you will just email me your address She will be on her way to her new home. Congrats! I really enjoyed putting her together for you.

Spring Garden Tass RS 300

Congrats DeniseMarie from Bloomin- Life is what you make it.  If you will email me your address you will be the owner of this sweet Spring Tassel — just to keep you hangin on till spring!

Thank you all so much for participating in my 100th post give away. Such a pleasure to get the opportunity to get to know you all.

Have the best week!

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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January 17, 2010 at 11:34 pm | Interior design | 20 comments


20 responses to “Slow Transition”

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Claudia! Your vignettes are so pretty. I love the angel and that iron cart is gorgeous. Congrats to the winners…..Christine

  2. I like your new room and how you decorate it. It looks cozy . . It has that indoor garden feel 🙂 Love the wrought iron rack.
    Belated PS and congratulations on your 100th post!

  3. Claudie says:

    Don’t you just love Li? I probably will never meet this wonderful lady. She lives in the Philippines ( I hope that’s how you spell it LOL)…but then you never know do you?
    Happy happy home Claudia.
    I’m hanging around.
    Love Ya
    Love Claudie

  4. Fifi Flowers says:

    CUTE  tassels! Hope all is well with you!  ENJOY your week!

  5. Karen Cox says:

    Your new home looks lovely, and I love what you did.  Decorating a new place always makes your things look brand new.  Congratulations to your winners, I know they will love what they received.
    Happy Mosaic Monday,

  6. Hello Claudia
    Your new home is coming along nicely and your decorating has given the room a cosy, garden conservatory look.
    Enjoy your week.

  7. Kammy says:

    Your new little area is so cute and warm ! I love that mini bakers rack !

  8. jeanne says:

    You’ve reated a beautiful space there Claudia. Look forward to seeing what else you do.

  9. Eileen says:

    Your little nook is beautifully decorated. I love the bakers rack and the rooster. I just love birds.
    Great photos and mosaic.

  10. Cindy says:

    Such a cozy little nook with all of the warm touches of home.

  11. congrats to the lucky, lucky winners!
    your room looks very welcoming and lovely!

  12. Carol says:

    Good luck in your new home! Your nook is lovely! Enjoyed your mosaics!

  13. Paula says:

    We just moved and I know all about moving things here and there, trying a little of this and a little of that. Your results are gorgeous! I’m still working on mine.

  14. ldh says:

    I love your mosaic, Claudia and I enjoy each photo showing your sweet new place!  Always nice visiting with you!
    Kindly, ldh

  15. Sherry says:

    Good Morning Sweet Claudia…
    Come along on this ride with me. I know it is going to hard as I love so many things that are bad for me. I am going to to do it tho, so join me, we will be each others support.

    I love the little nook in your new condo. How exciting to have a new little place to decorate. I love the cart on your table, and aren’t angel just the most fun? They fit into any corner and make it alive. Your plants are so pretty and happy in their new place.

    Now about this darn giveaway. I just knew that the little bird tassel had my name on it. Gosh darn it. Congrats to the winners. Congrats to you on your 100th post. I am a dozen or so away from my 200th. Keep watching because I will be having another giveaway.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  16. beth says:

    I think it looks beautiful…
    and not many windows can be hard when shooting indoor photos but I think you’ve done a great job !

  17. Sherry says:

    Oh Claudia…
    My sweet friend. You are just to kind to me. I don’t know what I did before you arrived on my scene. You lift me when I am down, and make me feel such talent. I don’t know what you see, but it makes me feel good just the same.

    I love to write. I don’t do as much as I would like, but tonight the rain brought out my writer instincts in me. I look at a picture or a scene and I see so many things, words just flow off my tongue.  There is no secret, but you are sure welcome to crawl inside this brain anytime. It might be a really scary experience. I couldn’t tell you, it is a place “No Man Has Gone Before.”  Even Tony is afraid to go there. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Thank you sweetie for the lift today. I needed it.

    I decided to clean house. While blog hopping, one of my bloggers had the other photo I had added a few weeks ago, the beautiful lady in red, I like to be different so I swapped everything out last night. Hopefully this one can stay for awhile, I do like it. Glad you do too.

    Have a beautiful day tomorrow. Country hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

    P.S.  You are going to have to give me instructions on how to make the tassels. I love the little bird tassel and would so love to make one.

  18. Nancy says:

    CLAUDIA!!! I just read that I won this darling bird!!!! I’m beyond excited and I just adore it!..So where do I email you?  I’ll look at your profile.  My email is nr7332@hotmail
    and I’ll email my address to you.
    Thank you sooooo much!  Happy happy me!!!! Nancy
    PS  I love your new room design.  It looks so warm and inviting.  See you after while for FFB!

  19. Nancy says:

    Oh Geez….I didn’t even say thank you!  And I’m really really thankful!

  20. Thanks for telling me to come over and check out your angel — simply beautiful. They make such great photo subjects, don’t they? I have a photo of the one in my post today that I took about eight years ago in a B & W photography class. I framed it and it has hung in my room ever since.
    btw, your nook is so inviting!

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