Cottage Inspirations

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While out on one of my serendipitous adventures; (to come upon or find by accident) I found some of the sweetest cottages. Photographing on cloudy days, for me, are the best.  The colors pop and the contrasts are so much more vibrant.

Nestled up near our University were these sweet abodes. Even though we many only be dreaming of cottage living, I believe we can take inspiration from others and use bits and pieces of that dream to incorporate into our own home.

Step away from the typical and let your unique qualities shine through.



The rock walk way at this entrance was charming.


Look at these divine bushes!


Each one of these home are inviting… each owner just has to be creative and loves life– don’t you think? Also, look at each of the front doors and how artistic they are. 

Simply I was inspired. Check out  the Inspired Room and Hooked on Houses… these women’s blog help me get my creative side thinking!

TTFN! Claudia

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May 22, 2009 at 10:38 am | Inspiration | 20 comments


20 responses to “Cottage Inspirations”

  1. What beautiful cottages. Thanks for sharing from your corner of the world.

  2. Astrid says:

    Oh what I wouldn’t give for a place that looked like the ones you posted above!  I’ve got a VERY boring colonial style house.  Yawn! 

  3. Susan says:

    They are all right out of a storybook…especially the first one.  I just love ’em!  Thanks for sharing them. Susan

  4. Puna says:

    This is so wonderful. Where is this? That first home is darling.

  5. Dipity says:

    Hi Puna- Thanks for stopping by.

    This lovely little cottage is in Salt Lake City near the University of Utah.

    TTFN– Claudia

  6. Dipity says:

    Susan—You know I think that first one should be in a movie; or fairy tale. One of my favorite movies visually was Nanny McVea– this couldve been one of those little cottages in that movie that went from dingie gray tones to vibrant colors, like purlple, pink and fantastic yellows!

    Thanks Susan for stopping by– i adore your blog!

    TTFN– Claudia

  7. Chie says:

    Yes, you’re right! Owner’s of those cottages really love life whether it’s simple or not. You can see how they have outdoor.

    Hope you’re enjoying your simple and happy life this w/end as we all do as well as Melissa.

  8. Terry Kearns says:

    Thanks for reminding me of Salt Lake City. We made several visits that and the memories are strong and good. The geography shock (from Atlanta) was severe. But every time we thought we’d seen it all we’d find more.

  9. Chie– thanks so much for stopping by– i was unable to leave you a comment on your blog, as I am not with Blogspot.

    Lovely blog!!

    TTFN — Claudia

  10. Charlotte says:

    I must have read too many fairy tales in my life…they are all sweet. Now if only I were Cinderalla and my husband was a handsome prince and not some manly man off at the driving range hitting golf balls on Sunday afternoon. 

  11. m says:

    What a tour! I’ll take on of each, thank you!! 😉

    m ^..^

  12. Dipity says:

    Thanks bundles for stopping by– i tried linking to your blog but was not able to bring it up. 🙁

  13. Dipity says:

    ahhh I dont know, the manly man off the driving range sounds pretty inviting to me!

    Thanks Charlotte for stopping– your blog was so heart warming (with memorial day) Thanks!

    TTFN- Claudia

  14. Chie says:

    Hi C,
    Ohh! I really appreciate your answer and I do love your blog. Been an avid reader since awhile but as I told Melissa, in her site “I didn’t dare to left comments” until am keen with bloglandia.

    No worries, lady… am happy to found you.

    Have a wonderful Monday & great week ahead.


  15. wow…divine is right!! I love cottages!!!

  16. pajamadeen says:

    Wow!  There charmers certainly change my opinion of Salt Lake City!  (I have never been there, but imagined a sort of … desert … setting, lol).  Thanks for sharing!

  17. Sue says:

    Claudia,   I  e-mailed you why  I think you were unable to comment on my site.  Your blog photos are just beautiful! I subscribed to your feed and look forward to future posts. It’s late here, but I will come back very soon when my eyes are not trying to close out the day…. or early morning, as really is the case.   🙂 Sue

  18. georgia says:

    gorgeous homes!

    some day i would LOVE to live in one like it. …some day…

    thanks for stopping by my photo blog! {it’s just how i see things} and leaving a comment. i’m glad you did so that i might discover your blog!

  19. Those are LOVELY! so enchanting!!

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