Angels among us

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This Blog, for me, has been life changing. Sometimes we start down a path we think is straight forward, but the Serendipity of it all leads us some place entirely different. I started this thinking I would share my loves of photography and interior design and homes.

Instead I have found myself looking at life more pointed, more detailed and focused. I find myself wanting to share all these beauties with the delightful people who have so kindly welcomed me into this blogosphere community.

Embracing the mistakes, the foibles and trips along lifes’ journey, has been life changing.

This morning I was encouraged by Melissa at the Inspired Room, when she spoke about how she focuses on her family, which helps her create a beautiful HOME.

Despite these financial challenging times, the world troubles and the sometimes bleak outlook, I am always reminded that there are Angels among us.

Being able to focus on the simple, the quiet, the kind gestures of others has blessed me to total bliss in spite of myself!

The Angels among us not only ease my burdens but inspire me to be a better person and challenge me to be an Angel among another persons life.

Do you have Angels amoungst you? Or are you that Angel?


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June 23, 2009 at 1:21 pm | Gatitude Attitude | 3 comments


3 responses to “Angels among us”

  1. Thank you Claudia, blogworld is an inspiring place full of angels!! I find so many people who make my life more beautiful simply for who they are and their willingness to share their hearts!

  2. Chie says:

    I do love angels and I believe in them.
    Good angels are swingíng around us even in bloglandia. One is you. I found so many dear bloggie friends and they are, take note: real virtual friends.
    You can sense who are the right angels by just reading between the lines.
    Hug lots,

  3. elk says:

    claudia ~your space here is joyful …this image of the angel really spoke to me today…I have enjoyed the visit!

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