Tippy Pots

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This years Tippy Pot example.  My mother’s works very hard in her yard to be one of the blocks SHOW case gardens.

With the lovely Spring rains — an early beauty display lives just out side her porch.


Garden Magic This is the garden’s magic, That through the sunny hours The gardener who tends it, Himself outgrows his flowers.

He grows by gift of patience, Since he who sows must know That only in the Lord’s good time Does any seedling grow.

He learns from buds unfolding, From each tight leaf unfurled, That his own heart, expanding, Is one with all the world.

He bares his head to sunshine, His bending back a sign Of grace, and ev’ry shower becomes His sacramental wine.

And when at last his labors Bring forth the very stuff And substance of all beauty This is reward enough. -MARIE NETTLETON CARROLL

Happy Spring and Beauty all around.

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May 19, 2012 at 5:52 pm | flowers | 4 comments


4 responses to “Tippy Pots”

  1. wendy says:

    Does your mom have this tippy pot thing in her yard. Very cute.
    I got LOTS and LOTS of work to do around here before we even get close to the “pretty stage”
    Did I mention LOTS!!!
    But…there is kinda no competition, keep up with the Jones’s out here in the country.

  2. Mary Joy says:

    Wow! Now that is gorgeous! I love those!!! Your mom has quite the creative green thumb! Love the passage too. What a wonderful reminder. Just what I needed. Thanks, Claudia!

    Great stopping by again!

    Mary Joy

  3. Dotti says:

    Kudos to your mom! This is beautiful!!


  4. Carol says:

    Beautiful poem. I hope to visit the Monet exhibit at the NY Botanical gardens soon, and I will be using this poem on an image somewhere!
    Nice yard and nice post

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