Still Playing with Flowers

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Mosaic of bouqet flwrs 10  RS Monday Monday means that I am hangin with Mary at Little Red House where she spotlights all of us doing Mosaics!

I couldn’t resist still playing around with the beautiful flowers that were surrounding me lately.

Lilly RS

Remember this Lovely Lilly?

Admittedly as I try and complete about 3 posts a week I am taking the LESS creative route and not using my Photo-shop as much. I have really enjoyed using Picnik— where I can edit swiftly and for the most part I like the out come.



Look at her in Black and White…. *sigh*! She looks like she has gone from “spring fling” to “Sexy evening all dressed up“!


Today I found a delightful new blog that inspired me! (in essence I am borrowing her idea) but giving you a link to go check out her fun and fanciful blog.  Many of you probably know the MUSE.

Her suggestion was to choose ONE word (put in the comments) That WORD needs to start with the First Letter of your name! Scroll the other comments and see if we can keep this going without duplication.

Have fun and have a wonderful week!

TTFN ~~ Claudia ♥ ♥



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January 24, 2010 at 9:59 pm | flowers | 19 comments


19 responses to “Still Playing with Flowers”

  1. Susan says:

    I can’t wait until I can play with flowers for real in the garden!  Beautiful mosaic!

  2. Kathy says:

    Claudia, you have such gorgeous flowers to play with, beautiful mosaic. Love the muse and her word games are fun :-), her prose is exquisite too. Happy MM, Kathy.

  3. pam says:

    While I’m shivering this is a wonderful mosaic of SPRING to remind myself of what is coming.

  4. Claudie says:

    I’ll take the “sexy” any day. Just like you.
    Now come over and see my house…your invited, check at the bottom, I spot lighted you  ; )
    Love Claudie

  5. Christine says:

    Beautiful flowers, needed that in the middle all this winter! Happy MM!

  6. ellen b says:

    Hello Claudia! Gorgeous fun you are having with the flowers! Have a great week!

  7. debbie says:

    Beautiful photography!!~ I just love flowers:)  Debbie

  8. Riet says:

    Hi Claudia. I love your mosaic with those lovely flowers. Have a nice Monday

  9. Becky says:

    Beautiful flowers to brighten the dreary January weather, thanks for the eye candy!!!

  10. Hi Claudia
    Great post of flowers, especially the ‘sexy’ style. 🙂
    Have a great week.

  11. Becky K. says:

    I need to check out this editing site…
    Your post is beautiful!
    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  12. kathysue says:

    I will use my last names initial “P” for PRETTY!

  13. You have the beautiful colored flowers and I posted white flowers. Yours are energizing and mine are snoozing! Great mosaic.

  14. shirley says:

    Lovely flowers – and I love that B&W conversion – very striking!

  15. Carol says:

    Beautiful flowers!  I love the black and white! the colors are gorgeous, but there’s something about black and white that I just love!

  16. Carol says:

    We can never have too many flowers!  Have a wonderful week!

  17. The Muse says:

    Loving what you do here 🙂
    The imagery is gorgeous….
    And how can one not smile while they are pausing to smell the flowers on DipityRoad 🙂

  18. kathysue says:

    what gorgeous photos and what a contrast from snowy to springy, I love to wake up each morning and see what is in my email from you, always eye candy,Kathysue

  19. The photos are just beautiful – I’m inspired to work in my garden. Now, if only it would stop raining…

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