Nursery Visit – Finding Beauty

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~~ *Welcome to Friday~~Finding Beauty*~~

Nothing Inspires a gardener more then a trip to a gorgeous Nursery!

This year, due to the inclemate weather and the lack of people dieing to get their garden’s all spiffed up… my favorite Nursery was still over flowing with color and delight!

This looks like a field of Purple Petunias, doesn’t it?  I was so tickled that the price tags weren’t showing.

While my color choice would be more on the purple or pinks this year– I couldn’t help but be drawn to these perfect red and orange… the color just popped off the green back ground.

Look at these unique critters!  Simply FUN and fancy and PINK!!  Remember to visit Pink Saturday (link is below).

I don’t even have an idea what the name of this handsome fellow is — but I sure think he would be fun to follow through summer.

These guys– they look like paper to me. mmmm…!

And lastly — a field of marigolds…. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a green thumb that could create this! (hope this didn’t offend my little brown thumb! 🙂

~~ ♥ ♥~~

Lastly– I have been on such silly drugs lately due to my lingering cold “stuff” that I didn’t get this post up at the correct time. Please forgive!

Tootsie  has such a great post today — stop by and say hi to her.

On Saturday remember to visit Beverly and the gals at Pink Saturday she is celebrating her 2Nd Anniversary and will have some give aways.

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Now join in the fun with our Friday~~Finding Beauty-  Very important to LINK with-in your post to this one.


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May 28, 2010 at 1:12 pm | flowers | 24 comments


24 responses to “Nursery Visit – Finding Beauty”

  1. Ebie says:

    A garden (nursery) of beauty and blooms.  The lone purple is called passion flower.  I see them a lot at butterfly gardens.
    I would be tickled if I do not see any price tags or people in the background.  Great job with the photos.  The nursery is so HUGE!

  2. Kiki says:

    Beautiful post!! Gorgeous purples…I just love that color..magnificent flowers and photos..yay! Happy Friday!

  3. Hi Claudia,
    Your pictures are gorgeous!  Love going to nurseries.  I just figured out your new linky for today.  Sorry, I’ve been really busy lately.  I love seeing all the beautiful pictures from “Finding Beauty Friday”.   Yvonne (Mumzie)

  4. Pam says:

    LOVED all the colors of this post.

  5. Michelle says:

    My mom would love to see these pictures, she has such a green thumb.
    Wish I had received her green thumb, instead I have a brown thumb.
    I even kill cactus!
    I do enjoy looking at God’s beautiful creation.

  6. Claudie says:

    Are you still on drugs? LOL
    You have an eye for BEAUTY Claudia. Those pics are truly AMAZING! What lens do you use? I’m being nosy now. I have a NIKON with 3 lenses. I think I need what you have girlfriend : )
    Happy Pink Saturday. My pic today is so “not” beauty, but the rest is : )
    Get better and enjoy the beauty around you. I am, just taking it slower with Randy. We did take a Vespa ride today. It was so refreshing to have the wind in my face.
    Love Ya
    Love Claudie

  7. Karen Cox says:

    ooooooh, these are so beautiful, each photo is more gorgeous than the next.  I created the post with you in mind for today.  I stopped by early before I left the house but your posts wasn’t up yet.  Thank you for always reminding us to see the beauty around us.

  8. Nancy says:

    What inspiration!  You do find such beautiful things and I love your photo skills!  xoxo Nancy

  9. Tootsie says:

    I loved this post…I am so happy that you stopped in…and linked to me…I have linked to you too!!!  I need to edit my post a little to include your url…but that’s easy enough
    I have all of those flowers you featured…grew them from seed in my greenhouse this year…the Osteospermum and the passion flower are my favorites…okay..they all are!!!  hahaha!
    we are expecting two inches of snow this weekend…I think Mother nature forgot that it’s almost JUNE!!!!  spent all day building tents to house the annuals that I planted…fingers crossed?  yes  they are!

  10. Amazing, Claudia!!!!  Absolutely amazing!!!  The beauty you discover and share with us through your camera lens is humbling!  What a blessing…
    God challenged me to find beauty in the “weeds” this week…it was my first time with natural photography…I would love to get your experienced photographer opinion if you have a chance…
    Have a great weekend, sister!!!

  11. Maggie says:

    Hi Claudia,
    My very good friend Sarah @ HFTS suggested that I join in with your Finding Beauty meme this week, so here I am!
    Your flower mosaics are stunning, the colours are all so vivid and vibrant,
    Hope you get over your cold soon.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. absolutely stunning flowers! – and photos!

  13. Claudia, We also visited the nursery this week…so much inspiration…so much beauty…sooo expensive! Beautiful photos…have a wonderful weekend…I will try to remember to join your Friday link up next week.

  14. John says:

    The pictures are out of this world. Do you know what you do for people?…you give them a chance to notice Gods little details. That is a good thing in my book.
    Have a great weekend…

  15. What absolutely BEAUTIFUL and colorful blooms!!!  I didn’t take my camera the last time I visited my local nursery but should have.  I did purchase and plant colorful blooms in my own yard however.  Sorry I’m a day late … such is life these days.  Once again you didn’t add the Finding Beauty label to your post so I ended up at the wrong one from the link in MY post.  Thanks for sharing all this loveliness and for hosting this weekly event 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Pat says:

    You’ve reminded me to go to our local botanical gardens armed with my camera!  Happy PS Birthday.

  17. Riet says:

    Beautiful flower pictures Claudia. Happy pink Saturday birthday. Have a great weekend

  18. So Happy I found you’re blog.
    I love your photos, you have a wonderful eye…
    I’ve joined, and am now a fan and a follower…

  19. char says:

    Hello Claudia, I think the flowers you are sharing with us are just gorgeous. I also think the flower you are asking about is a passion flower.  I am in here to wish you a Happy Pink Saturday. I hope you have a great week girlfriend, Char

  20. jaydee says:

    I found your beautiful blog from Sherry’s.  What a great day finding both of you.  I love your blog and your photos.  We are off to the nursery today to go find some more bird/butterfly friendly plantings and I was very inspired by your nursery pics.

  21. LaVoice says:

    You might have been late, but it was worth the wait.  Your flowers shown are stunning.I enjoyed seeing them all.

  22. Beverly says:

    Happy Pink Saturday, Claudia. We’ve been pinking together for over a year now. Thank you for everything you do to make Pink Saturday special.

    Your photos are absolutely stunning.

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