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Years ago, on a short trip to Montana, my sister and I went up to her “cabin” – she called it the Barn. Along a dirt road we spotted some fantastic Sunflowers in the middle of this farmers field.

She stopped the car and wrangled her way over the barbed wire fence. “Sharon, you are trespassing!” she laughed and said, “He wont mind if I get these.” Just as she was almost to the flowers I heard a four wheeler coming down the road. “ooooh my gosh– you are so busted!!” and she ducked down in the tall weeds and grasses leaving me just standing there on the side of the road.

Dust trailing off the back of him, he flew by with a smile on his face waving a good morning. As he topped the hill she stood up with a broad smile and we had a great giggle.

Sunflowers in tow, she picked off all the thistles stuck to her and we headed home. We spent the day arranging these beauties and taking pictures.

The image above were these flowers. I stumbled upon this in a hard drive I un-boxed! I was so happy to have this as a great remembrance.

I put one of my favorite poems on the vase–

  • She walks with the SUN– like a sunflower.

That was the fall of 2010. January 2011 we lost her to complications of diabetes.

Life has a funny way of carrying on despite our personal tragedies. Learning how to live a full appreciative life is difficult after I lost my life long best friend. However I believe that she is still near me. Sunflowers have taken on a different meaning.

Be sure to appreciate your day to day life, you never know how dramatically it can change in an instant.

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October 7, 2016 at 10:44 am | Family, flowers, Inspiration | 1 comment


One response to “Sunflower”

  1. Jacque says:

    Such a sweet story of Sharon and your adventure. What a fun reminder of her with the sunflowers! Beautiful pic. love you.

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