Cottage Details


When asked what I am Hooked on this Friday… It would still be cottages and the detailed uniqueness each has…


Curved Roof lines…


Close up …Look at the patina on front side of dormers.


Ahhh… Another Purple door


Green Panelled Doors


~Simply Yummy!~

“All in the Details”… as they say. Look at the siding, the wrought iron railings and window boxes, the masonry. Artist still abound around us. Life is beautiful if we choose to sincerely stop and take a look at all that is around us.

Click Here for other adorable cottages.

Enjoy your weekend!



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19 thoughts on “Cottage Details

  1. Wow! That purple door with the white around it is beautiful.

    Thank you for your lovely comment too 🙂 Kellie

  2. Hi Lady,
    I know you can’t post at my blogsite, but no worries, it’s k… am still doing my routine peeking my fav blogs.

    OMG! Looks like a fairy land/house. WOuld choose the last one. Hmmm… you know what? This is what I choose of what I want to have in my Philippines beach house (building meanwhile) finish end of this year. Hopefully!

    Loving & dying to go & visit the owner’s of each of this house…NOW! *wink

    Have a happy Friday…

  3. These are wonderful houses. As you said, they all have lots of wonderful details. And love the purple door 🙂

    The first house almost looks like a house you would see in a fairytale 🙂

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Wow, some of these ‘cottages’ are quite large homes!  But they do have beautiful details; I expect their owners are thrilled to live there.

  5. Claudia,  I  couldn’t sleep this am so I’m catching up w/my blog reading. These houses are to die for! The character and details that were put into them makes me want an older home w/character- altho not all of these houses are old…   Your photos are so crisp and clear,too.  Are these cottages anywhere near YOU?  Thanks for your comments ~ I truly appreciate them. Hugs, Sue

  6. Hi Claudia,  I discovered your blog through the Hooked on Fridays blog party.  I’m hooked on cottages, too.  But, I just wanted to say I love your banner.  It is so pretty!  Very inviting.  Thanks for sharing.

  7. They actually breathe, they whisper…cottages are alive…!
    What a wonderfully beautiful post! 🙂
    Just gorgeous!!!

  8. Claudia,
    Truly wonderful cottage photos from your May 2009 site.
    Can you please tell me where the first cottage is located.
    I would love to make one for my lake property.
    Perhaps I could contact the owner if  I knew the address.
    I’m in Georgia.
    Many Thanks,

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