Monday: Are you a writer?

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Are you a writer?

Typically my answer to that question would be a resounding… “No” — but as you can see from the stack of journals, just in the last year!!… I write a lot!

In fact I have kept a journal for the better part of my life. The first real lengthy one dates back to my college days. There were a lot of “he looked at me…” kind of phrases– *groan* I know.

When someone asks you what you do — do you ever say you are a writer?
Some words are ones I aspire to… such as– painter, singer, cook, and yes, writer.

For the longest time I didn’t call myself a photographer, because to me I was nothing like those I looked up to. But, I am a photographer.  Mostly because I love photography! It’s a passion of mine and has been for years… even decades. I am  self taught, for the most part, even though I have taken numerous on- line classes and attended workshops. But I have to say, as I spend more time enjoying this passion, I am getting better (according to my critical self) and certainly enjoying myself more! That pleasure helps me answer “yes” when someone asks me if I am a photographer.

It’s funny because I would use words like… Mother, sister, daughter and designer to describe me, however I am certainly imperfect in all these categories. If I can accept the imperfections of these definitions then perhaps I could also with other descriptors. — Sooooo… that must mean I am a writer. *cough* excuse me I am only choking a little bit here.

We are all writers– of our own life. Whether we pen it or type it or just pass it along verbally.

We don’t have to be the perfect Van Gogh or Norah Jones to be the artist or singer that is in our heart– if we enjoy it and those passions enhance our lives… then we ARE! Embrace these words that help to enhance your life.

*note to self* … enroll in some writing classes! 🙂

early fall callage

I can almost hear Fall approaching– can you?

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TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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