What a difference a Day Makes (Vegas part 3)

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This might be the last post on my Vegas trip. (Heavy on the MIGHT)  Thanks for indulging me.   The Atrium at the Bellagio is so full of fantastic visuals I just had to share a wee bit more.

In the evening there are so many more people out and about… remember it was only 105 (degrees) at 9pm in the evening.  So, my first visit was in the evening.  I just had to return the next morning… not only because of the beauty …BUT  the roulette table was being very nice to me– so of course I didn’t want to be rude — I had to return some of the money they had so generously given me  (not much but SOME) 🙂

The glass flower was stunning in the evening…but by day the Bumble Bee was very showy.

The Song: What a difference a Day makes — REALLY works here don’t you think?

What a difference a day made, twenty four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers where there use to be rain
My yesterday was blue dear
Today I’m a part of you dear

This frog was about 6 feet long and 3 feet tall.  And those yummy hydrangeas were really that BLUE.

Then we headed off to the Paris — The Eiffel Tower By night is glowing– by Day the statues really become apparent.

“They” (not sure who They are) say, that the Vegas Eiffel Tower is about 1/2 the size of the original.  It was so cool and huge!  I would really like to visit Paris to see the original. (Did you know it’s the most photographed building EVER??)

Then there were these boys on the Bus —

(how did this photo get in here??)   😀   They were really REALLY cute. (Hey…just appreciating the beauty)

Caesar’s Palace has the greatest statuary.

Then the replica of David — simply GORGEOUS.  But I have always had an issue with this statue.  Have you?  Do you notice a proportion issue at all?

His HANDS seem overly LARGE. 😀

Lastly–  the presentation of the Gelato!  Not only was it so creamy and cool… but the art work that went into the show case did NOT go unnoticed.

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