AIG bonus

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Winding down my day, cozied up in my bed, I stumble upon Nightline. The topic lead was how after being give Trillions, yes with a T, Trillions of OUR tax dollars, AIG was going to pay out millions in bonus’, to the “contracted” bonus that were owed and promised.

The excuse for the payments was that in America contracts are binding in a court of law; and that AIG would have to live up to their contractual commitment if they were to, in the future, be able to higher MORE of the best and brightest. -SIGH-

I say the CEO’s who will paying those bonus’ to the best need to be paying them out of their OWN pockets, because those IDIOTS, actually let the best and brightest take this company into the toilets.

How am I suppose to have sweet dreams? Okokokok I know I shouldn’t be watching the news before bed, but my channel surfing finger just hit that button. Gimmie a break 🙂

As I was scrambling to change the channel to the Golden Girls reruns, the Night Line commentator  said, “next up, Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristle has broken up with her boyfriend. Stay tuned to hear the boyfriends side of the story, as we flew up to Alaska to get the scoop!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  They spent money flying to Alaska to find out that a high school young man just isn’t ready to be a husband?

Again the Best and Brightest needs to be re-thunk.

Yawn… Gnite.


March 17, 2009 at 12:43 am | Tangents | 1 comment


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