Getting Well

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Get well RS

~~ It has been forever since I have participated in Tablescape Thursday…

After have such a Harsh run with the Flu/cold/gobbel-de-gook or what ever I had– I thought this “Get Well Tray”  would have certainly brightened my day.

Stop by Susan’s Between Naps on the Porchto see all the glorious tablescapes everyone else has created.

300 small Bench

With a little help from several friends  (especially Sherry Country Wings in Phoenix– ) I was able to create my Friday- Finding Beauty Button. Thank you to Anni and Susan and Sherry — you are all such darlings!

Look to the RIGHT side bar——————————————————>

You can copy the HTML and add it to your side bar if you wish.

I have had so many lovely comments about people who are excited to participate. So, Thursday evening about 10pm (mountain time) I will put up the Link and we will celebrate our first Friday- Finding Beauty.

Beauty is around us everywhere and like one of my favorite quotes from Wayne Dyer – When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. So, from beauty in a babies face, nature, or simply the way the steam circles your coffee cup, share with us what you find beautiful.

Ideally I would love to see you stretch a bit and break out your camera and share your own work. However, if you find a fantastic “something” on the web and think it is worthy of our finding beauty by all means share away.

Hopefully this will just be a way where we teach ourselves to look at things a little differently so that our outlook on our day to day life will be ones that will help us appreciate our abundance instead of grumbling.

Even if you don’t have a blog– I would just love for you to share what you think is beautiful.

See you Friday!! I’m very excited. Hope you are too!

TTFN~~  Claudia ♥ ♥

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Guest to Getaway

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 Ok, it’s true, I am hooked on Paris and Black and White!


I believe in RE-purposing… My ultra talented, brilliant and creative sister was once again moving and being true to herself… cleaning and tossing. I happened to be lucky enough to catch some of her goodies.

I pulled together a true Guest bath… one where a guest could be taken away, whether it be by “Calgon” or any other bubbly aroma.


Voila`… a Paris themed Guest bath. (Black and White Toile on commode top and seat cover, as well accent on towels) Cute little antique bike– huh?


Little bit of storage never hurt!


Don’t you just adore the Eiffel Tower accents?


Listen intently … can you hear the accordion playing softly in the background?


“Love is in the Air!”My sweet niece is allowing me to experience her falling in love with a  handsome Police officer– thus my heart is all Twidderpated.

Today is TABLE SCAPE THURSDAY, with Susan and the gang… (stop by and see the lovely REAL tablescapes they have all created.) So, borrowing from my Parisian Guest bath, let fantasize on a simple Bistro in Paris.






Oh Dear!!!I forgot to cook….(shoosh not that I ever do.) Oh well… Young couples don’t need food, only Love!

Thank you Susan, for presenting a forum for a dreamer like myself to put her chin in her hand and muse a while.

TTFN~~ Claudia


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