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Cafe green RS

In the world of the Blogosphere, do you ever find your self just wandering through your thoughts and photos?

Tonight when I was beginning to write, I came upon several shots that were favorites of mine but not with any particular theme.

The above shot was a divine little cafe way in the middle of not much of anything. (forgive me if you have relatives that live there and they think its a big metropolitan area) :) I actually ran in to just take a potty break,  when I stumbled through the doors and found this! Isn’t this just wonderful? The Black and Green were so stunning against the pop of White! It was sparkling clean and the Club sandwich — YUM!!

Spider cupcakes  RS

The Gift Shop was just as intoxicating.

cute girls RS

I fell in love with these characters… Do any of you know the artist or maker?? I would love to know.

boob Fairy RS

I need this fairy — as mine are in a race as to who can reach my belly button first! Uggh.

Spooky RS

I’m officially in love with Orange and Purple these days.

Pumpkin hut RS

All these photographs are yet again just another example of how we might think we are going down a road expecting one thing, then the Seren”dipity” road brings one to these lovely finds. Im thankful and hooked on adventure and how unique our world is.

Be sure and stop to see Julia at Hooked on Fridays and Melissa at the Inspired Room and see what the other world of bloggers are into.

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound always hosts a great party — Pink is the Theme, while there is only a wee bit of pink in this I always love visiting those who participate! Happy Weekend all.

As always, I would love for you to say hi in the comment section. Have the best weekend! I’m off to work!

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

October 8, 2009 at 10:44 pm | serendipity | 17 comments


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