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This evening I saw “This is It”the  documentary of the last rehearsals with Michael Jackson. From what I am reading the movie has mixed reviews.

For me it was an emotional 2 hours. Not because I was one of his biggest fans but because  my young family grew with the help of Michael’s fun and without question talented “album” Thriller.  My boys (then 8 and 5) sang and danced right along with him.  I recall my mini-van rocking down the road singing at the top of our lungs to BAD.

Years ago I  spent hours upon hours rehearsing doing community theatre, (lol yes I was Mrs. Darling in Peter Pan – *curtsy*) and that being said, I know the hard work and fun that comes with putting together a show. So, for me the “journey” of this event was very entertaining.  The emotion the cast felt after being hand selected was heart warming.  Not only were they working with someone they felt they had grown up with, but they obviously adored him.


Dancing step by step, some times out performing dancers half his age, Michael may have appeared very thin, he certainly didn’t lack energy and his voice, while subdued at times was spot on pitch.


This young guitarist was awesome! She was brilliantly talented and Michael worked with her saying “this is your moment to shine!”

Some my favorites were of course the newer digitally enhanced Thriller performance and Smooth Criminal. I still love Billy Jean, Bad, Man behind the Mirror and Heal the World. His moon walk didn’t skip a beat.

MJ mosaic

Photos provided by flixter.

This movie doesn’t try to explain anything other than give a glimps of behind the scenes and performance of a very talented man.

It’s something I would strongly recommend- I really enjoyed his music; and my revisiting in my mind with my precious young children was a nice visit.

Today’s Monday – run on over to visit with Mary at Little Red House and the other Mosaic-makers.

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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Sundays songs and singing

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What’s playing on your I-pod?  Some times when the world around us is gloomy I turn to music to take me to a happier place. Do you have some favorite songs that take you back or remind you of a moment in your life?

Music is critical to my life’s blood. Whether I am cleaning, cooking or just starting my day, some sort of music is always playing. It’s quite possible to drive past my house I suppose and feel my house throbbing from the bass playing a wee bit too loud, if I am cleaning. (The Doobie Brother’s China Groveare very inspiring when I’m vacuuming.)

This morning I was singing along with one of my favorite Broadway singers Kristen Chenowith — one of her songs brought back a wonderful childhood memory.

7th grade — uggh, bad hair and no self esteem. I had just moved to a new town and knew practically no one. Walking the school  halls everyone had a boyfriend it seemed. Not me. Classes were  second or probably third on my list of importance; those good ol hormones were raging for me.

 Mike, a 9th grader (be still my heart) was tall (I’m sure all of 5’1 back then) brown hair with natural sun highlights. He played football. (not sure of the position– but I didn’t care –I’m sure he was good because he got to wear his football jersey on Fridays for spirit day.) I had seen him on my first day of school– what a hunk. He also had a girl friend. Patty– a cheerleader. ugggh

I watched him every day as I walked from my English class and he left study hall. Some how I always managed to walk behind him about 6 feet– hmmm wonder how that happened. 🙂 One Friday ( I remember, cuz he had on his foot ball jersey) we managed to leave our side by side class doors exactly the same time and we crashed into one another– knocking a couple of my books to the floor. He picked them up for me and said, “hey… sorry”.  I stood there frozen, not saying one word… watching as  he and Patty continue down the hall.

He spoke to me!!

 From that day forward till the end of December — the whole of 3 months– he was my “boyfriend” — all of my note books proved it– they had Mike written on every square inch of them in some artful hand writing….  he said “hey” to me! I’m sure he was in love with me too, didn’t matter that he walked the halls everyday with Patty. He said “hey” to me… His family was transferred to another city– but it was a heavenly 3 months.

This morning as I listened to Kristen –she sang a song that reminded me of those yummy 3 months in Junior High School. Take a listen– click here— to Taylor, the Latte Boy.

Do you have any songs that slam you back into time like that?  To that one moment where everything is so clear it’s like it only happened moments ago?

Music does that to me often– I think we will visit music, singing and songs again some time.

Thanks Mike — for the extra foam. (now you have to listen to the song…hahha)

Take a peek at The inspired room — where they are taking a look at happier things.



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