Purples and Pinks

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Thank you to sweet Mary at Little Red House who so generously provides such a lovely meme for our creativity to bloom each week.

With Spring being so reluctant, my guess is that Summer will come in with blazes afire. So, with that hope I will continue to carry my boyfriend with me at all times. (cough… you know, my trusty Canon Rebel) Being creative isn’t something that just happens– it’s making a conscience effort to try (and fail) and try again.

At this weeks end I have planned on participating with so many others in Where Bloggers Create II. You will get a little peek into the space I spend my time being blissfully entertained and others call being creative.   So…I have done a bit of Spring cleaning  and hope to be ready not only for her celebration but our Friday~~Finding Beauty as well.  To me, obviously they are all intertwined.  Please please come join us!

I should have the Link up and ready  Thursday evening by 8:30 (mountain standard time)

Also, just for kicks and giggles there will be a fun GIVE away too! (shhh it’s a surprise)

Enjoy your week and find your beauty every where you go!

The Music selection is Flower Meadow — it makes you want to swat mosquitoes and probably run to the loo after you hear the water tinkling for a while. 🙂

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

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Fresh Spring

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Whites mosaic

Ahhh Spring — it Sprung!

My sister’s  neighbor, a young home owner, worked so very hard last fall and look at his results!

The color groupings and thought he put into this garden is stunning!  

Thank you Patrick!

I am sure all your neighbors thank you for their daily BEAUTY watch.

May you all have a  Beauty-FULL week!

In the mean time – visit sweet Mary and the other Mosaic bloggers.


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Bunny Buffet

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Bunn mosaic old mill

~~ ♥ Happy Spring  ♥ ~~

Visit Mary at Mosaic Monday


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Mosaic Pinks

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Bunny Mosaic

I have been working on the Easter Swap project– so my mind has been focusing on Spring.

Yesterday was below 30 and snowed – SIGH- I am confident spring will arrive… sure I am … spring has never been skipped before. Has it?

Have a lovely week. 🙂

Visit Mary’s Mosaic –at Little Red House.

TTFN ~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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Monday -making a memory mosaic

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Moscaic monday RS

Oh my goodness! Do any of you ever find technical difficulties when you post your blog?? *sigh* lately I think I must not have been fulling paying attention but uggh my apologies for the mess.

BACK to Monday Mosaic — with Mary at Little Red House.  Like many of us she is thinking about Spring.

As you know I do love snow… but lately its just been cold-ish and I am struggling to find something to shoot.

So, I purchased some inspiration. *sigh* I know kinda sad huh? 🙂

I want to thank all of you who have so diligently supported me. But I don’t know a lot about you. So If you don’t mind. Come out from behind your anonymous-ness ( is that a word?) 🙂 and share a bit.

All of us are creative– even if you don’t admit that you are. Each of us have been given talents we seldom tap.

Those of you who blog, are writers; even if you are like me and are reluctant to call ourselves that. Share a little of your creative mind today and tell us… Let’s make a memory

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STOP!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Before you leave — be sure to comment on the below questions!! Pleeeease 🙂

1- If you were a Disney Character who would you be?

That wonderful dog in Lady and the Tramp that resembled Mae West.

2- In basic Fairy Tale world – who would you be?

One of Sleeping Beauty’s  Fairy God mothers — Flora or Fauna — Wait! Merry weather

3- If you walked into a Piano bar and someone handed you a mic what song would you sing?

Any song from Sleepless in Seattle

Hahha!  Share please! Would love to see the silly side of you.

Have a wonderful week.

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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