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I took an early drive this morning with my camera to catch some quiet shots and great lighting. As I drove I passed a local cemetery and noticed how lovely it was dressed.

Spring has flown by without even really making an appearance, so you can understand that I had almost  forgotten it was Memorial Day.

Memorial day traditionally has been celebrated to honor those who have given their lives for us in the line of duty. But for many years it’s been a day to celebrate any of those who have left this earthy time with us. I love how we decorate our grave yards.


My cute Dad passed away a couple of years ago– He served his country and was blessed to be able to return to his family.

My thoughtful sister put together this collage for my Mom and Dad years ago and it has been quite a treasure.


I love how the young men “back then” had such pride in how they dressed.  🙂 Look at that cute way he tipped his hat.  So darn handsome.

Sadly not all come home. This photo was take byTHECoachesWife and posted on Flickr.  This is of the American Cemetery in France.


Luckily there are many more who do come home to a hero’s welcome.

This fantastic shot was by HISBRIDE — obviously he is his son’s HERO for sure.

I am so thankful to live in a beautiful country who so many have sacrificed so much so we could be free.  Thankful to all of the families who have given the ultimate sacrifce — I will never be able to thank you, but my hearts is bursting with pride every time I see a man or woman in uniform.

Some days I really worry about where our great country  is heading — but I also know that the American people are more awake than ever and will not let her fall.

The song highlighted today is a favorite of mine… Private Andrew Malone.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


PS… Stop by Mary’s place — LittleRedHouse is celebrating Mosaic Monday again.



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