October Beauty

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Along the lines of celebrating beauty

Today’s Oprah’s show celebrated the non-perfect.

Actress’ that felt trapped in looking the perfect way the industry portrays them.

That would be a difficult job– maintaining the facade.

While we may not see the same “beauty” we once did when we glanced in the mirror… our beauty will linger on … if we are MORE beautiful inside.

This sunflower would not fall under the category of a PERFECT sunflower…

However, I think this half opened/ closed  flower is stunning!

About this time last year I posted a blog about celebrating the “scratched and dented”

I love celebrating the beauty around us that really isn’t so perfect.

We all have made mistakes. (I personally have made more than my share.)

But with age true wisdom is born.

A time when we can look back at each bump in the road, hopefully forgive ourselves and move on to being the better person we want to become.

Mother nature always gives us those strong flowers that will not give up their glory just because the weather decides they must transform.

Sunflowers, this time of year, are such fantastic flowers!

Don’t we all wish we looked THIS good from behind!

What’s beautiful in your world today?

You know the drill 🙂

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I loved all your comments on the ghost/ lamb sky view 🙂

Have the best week!  Stop a moment in your life and see that Beauty that was always there…

~~TTFN~ Claudia

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Imperfection Celebration

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Secret Garden RS

From The Secret Garden (the Musical)

Come to my garden,
Nestled in the hills.
There I’ll keep you safe beside me.

Come to my garden.
Rest there in my arms.
There I’ll see you
Safely grown and on your way.

Stay there in the garden,
Where love grows free and wild.
Come to my garden.
Come, sweet child

Sun 1 RS

Imperfection at its best!

Sun 2 RS

Gentle permission to value the scratched and dented.

Ivy arch RS

Come visit Outdoor Wednesday with others… and Susan from A Southern Daydreamer. And as you have seen the transformation of Imperfect photos to ART– visit Kimba at A Soft Place to Land and check out the other DIY’s there.

Be kind to yourself and celebrate YOUR imperfections.

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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