Bleeding hearts

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I am pretty sure I posted this photo sometime in the past; but I am working on another photography class (Prompt Addicts) and this weeks prompt was finding HEARTS in our every day surroundings.

One day, as I pulled up to get my hair done… behind a dumpster I found these glorious bleeding hearts.  What a beautiful find.

When we least expect it, we can find beauty. And sometimes when our hearts are broken– a prompt to find our beauty and love is exactly what we need.

One of the projects my sister Sharon and I were going to work on this year was the Happiness Project.   In her honor I will continue on.

Realizing that happiness is a choice and something I would prefer to the opposite, one step at a time… one foot forward.



PS  — don’t forget to visit Beverly and our Pink Sisters

February 4, 2011 at 10:53 am | Hearts | 24 comments


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