Halloween Fun

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There was a chill in the air– misty rain– still after months of preparation the house was READY!

Double greetings

Magic was in the air — Along with Haunting Scarey Music

Even through the fog they came

Welcome to all — DEAD or Alive

For hours they came…

Even ones they called a “Banana Split”


Lady Who??

This is the spider’s WEB-site  🙂

Happy Halloween to EVERY one!

Stop by and visit Mary at Little Red House.

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Halloween Week – A mosaic

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Welcome — Hope you enjoy your stay.

I love both of their hats!

Quoth the Raven “Never More!”



Need a place to stay?



For other dreamy Mosaics stop by Mary’s Little Red House.

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Halloween Tutorial

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It has been one VERY long week... and I am here to tell you while I have always known I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to technology– this week UNDERSCORED that sooo very well.


I promised a tutorial on our fun Candelabra! — I keep my promises… however when I put it all together…

Ohhh my gosh I about flipped out!!!

It turned out to be 31 pages!!

If I had posted it as a Blog I would have put you ALL asleep… See above 🙂   (isn’t he the most darling sleeper? Aren’t all kids the most precious when sleeping?) He is almost 30 years old now– wow…time flies!


Keeping to my word and THEN some I have decided to offer this as a PDF down-loadable Tutorial.

Along with the Detailed instructions on how to assemble the Candelabra will be other up close and details of other original Halloween ideas.

NOTE: This Candelabra will cost you around $20.00 for your MATERIALS <—- CAN you believe that??  (granted you might have to break out a coupon or 2 at Hobby Lobby)

Because I haven’t figured out how to send you directly to a Shopping Cart for this — Just email me… The Cost will be $10.00 payable on PAYPAL.

(if any of you would love to tell me how to make this simpler I would soooo appreciate it.)

My email address is  DipityRoadTutorial at Hotmail.com  (type it like a normal email address)

Don’t forget to visit Ms Beverly on Pink Saturday — I know many of the participants will have a dedication to 9/11.

Spider web table cloth– spider web trivets for flair and of course Spiders hanging off the glasses.  (We were expecting some interesting people for dinner 😉  Bella and Edward…Oh and Jacob too. (what film are they from?)

Close up — details.

Choose another “guest” gift perhaps…

If you are liking tablescapes… stop by Susan’s for Tablescape Thursday! — What fun there is to be had there.

In the mean time — Let’s all put our celebration hats on and show what is Beautiful to you this week.

Link back to this post and of course I would love love love your comments!

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Halloween Before and After

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Silhouettes are the rage this year!

I don’t know that I ever knew there were trends when it came to Halloween decor– but now I know 🙂

Enjoy some Before and Afters — as we have a week of Pre-Halloween, should you need some inspiration for shopping in the next month!

My Little Nook – not feeling much LOVE going from Summer into Fall

Then the Halloween Witch came to add some Spook-tac-ular touches!

Some basic White Pumpkins can go from THIS…

To This!

Or a basic book can go from This…

To a Spooky Vignette..

♥ ~~♥~~ ♥

Thanks for stopping by… and DON’T FORGET we have some more fun come mid week!

~~TTFN~~ Claudia~~

I’m linking with Metamorphosis Monday–wow… some great ideas there!

Also, It’s So Very Cheri — is having a great DIY gathering.

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Witches Party

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Framed RSEeeeek!!! Look at those eyes!!

This is Tooooo much for me– She looks way too real (and since I have known her since she was in diapers those eyes REALLY creep me out!)

Sooo …when I think of a Witches Party I think much more on the whimsy side of Halloween… join me?

Party 1 RS

Hahha! … toad – get it?  … TOAD (cracks me up)

Party 2

All in the details 🙂

Party 3

Witches with Big Butts… (remember these? — click here for a BIGGER look)

Party 4

Hmmm Interesting headstone doncha think? AND a touch of PINK (stop by Bev with Pink Saturday and say HI!)

Party 5

Like Mother like Daughter 

Party 7 RS

Even the Mantle gets a loving touch.

Happy 2009 Halloween everyone! Enjoy the Fun… See you next week– Don’t forget to FALL back (move your clocks back)

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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