Spring Teasing – Friday~~Finding Beauty

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Cloud April 15 2010

Welcome to Friday~~Finding Beauty!

These gorgeous clouds and snow capped mountains were what greeted me this week. Chilly wind and blustery days made me “sigh” a lot. ( I tend to be a sigh-er… always have been… good OR bad … 🙂  I sigh) My brain tells me I just need to be patient but my heat is yearning for spring.


Then just yesterday– the clouds pulled away and 67 degree weather brought these glorious buds.

Spring just makes me smile.  I really don’t think there is anything more beautiful, than spring– the hope of rebirth, forgiveness and a fresh start.

Football Cayden

Then there is always a spring “catch” with your Grandpa!

1- diving for a great catch

2- tossin  it back “don’t drop it Grandpa!”

3- Look at the intense focus

Droppsy RS

I’m not going to tell him he needs to keep his eyes open to be able to catch it– I bet he knows 🙂

Here’s to everyone breathing in the FRESH spring air!  At last!!!

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Join with our Friday~~Finding beauty

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No Words Necessary

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num 1




Process mosaic




putting it on




thank you

Welcome to Friday~~Finding Beauty!

I imagine that many of you have seen this before– I recieved this via an email and had to share. To me, this is simply one of the most BEAUTIFUL gifts anyone could give or recieve.

Look at the twinkle in EVERYONE’S eyes!

Please make sure to stop by Beverly’s Pink SaturdayMelissa at the Inspired Room and Mary’s Little Red House.

Thank you all so much for joining in our Beauty Celebration!

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥


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No April Fools- Friday Finding Beauty

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April 1st– One could think Mother Nature was pulling a prank!


snow trees

This is Spring? …. hmmm

hydrang w snow

But if we are to get SPRING snow – it was the best kind – we get the moisture and not much on the roads!

Hydran mosaic  RS

Hydrangea is one of my favorite flowers. I found these lovelies at our local grocery store. Look at the variety of purples and greens!  So Beautiful.  Don’t for get to stop by Melissa with Inspired Room AND Beverly for Pink Saturday AND  Mary’s for Mosaic Monday.

upclose eggs flwrs

Also– VERY HAPPY EASTER! — May the Easter Bunny bring you lots of wonderful color and joy!

Thanks for stopping

Remember — When you change the way you look at things– the THINGS you look at change!

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Please join us to celebrate the beauty in your life.

Friday~~Finding Beauty


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Friday~~Finding Beauty

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Girls RS

~~ ♥ ♥ Happy Friday~~Finding Beauty ♥ ♥ ~~

I recently participated in an Easter Swap! What fun shopping for someone other than myself 🙂

I missed a couple of friends birthdays– and since it was near Easter what fun to use Bunnies as my theme.

Be4 n Aft  550 RS

Purchased these darling chubby bunnies at Hobby Lobby… undressed them (cute even Nekkid)


Purp Hat

I used some trim I had from making tassels to doll up her neck line– cut a hole in a new hat for her ears– and flowered up her hat! Voila`


Pink Rose RS

Cut the same hole in the hat for Ms Pink — broke out the feathers — and added a lovely Pink rose!



Ms Purp Close RS

Added some ribbon to a sweet wicker basket and tossed in a decorated egg.


Ms Pink

I think I love Ms Pinks basket the best!

Thinking of other’s as you create or work on a new project underscores the BEAUTY in giving.  It is always two fold. I smiled as I burned my fingers with hot glue 🙂

Stop by Melissa’s Inspired Room

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Please join us with the link from YOUR blog — Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — share with us, what you are beholding.

As always, please be sure to drop a comment and tell us what you are finding beautiful.



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Friday~~Finding Beauty 3/19/2010

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Walking Lamb 1

Friday~~Finding Beauty

How many times do you find yourself seeing something unique and smiling and walking or driving by?

Well, Monday, after an early day at work, the sun was still shining– all was GREAT with the world. (I have to admit that this “day light savings time” really kicked my butt for a couple of days… but I am enjoying driving home in the sunlight even if its close to 7pm)

Walking 3 RS

Back to Monday… I’m driving and humming a tune on the radio– when I see this woman WALKING a LAMB.


I slow a bit and smile and drive on. After I got passed them about 3 blocks, I said to myself… “Claudia if this isn’t a perfect example of Beauty– I don’t know what is.”  So I turned my car around and drove up near them and rolled the window down. I asked the woman if she minded me taking her picture.

She said, “Oh, by all means! It’s been a very rough couple days at our house and this is how I cope with stress.” I asked what was the matter? She said that the passed weekend they attended FFA (Future Farmers of America) and that this lambs mother had won first prize. I was “wow.. congrats!” She said, “well, yes good in a sense for the Blue Ribbon but we really had gotten close to the mother and now she is no longer with us. So much work and fun — you fall in love with them… they are part of the family… then you have to say good bye.  Everyone is sad  and this little baby lamb cries all the time for her mom.”

Lamb up close

I wished them well– thanked them for the shot– and started thinking… how many times do we spend in our lives do we prepare  for something wonderful and forget that there is also a down side? Or do we choose to not think about it?

Example– a dear friend of mine spent 6 months preparing for her youngest daughters wedding. They were so close and had such fun with all the preparations then the wedding came– everyone was so happy and it went off without a hitch — THEN the mom and dad had to say good bye to their daughter, not only to a young man that will hopefully take great care of her, but they are also moving thousands of miles away.  One of her saddest days a work, I asked how she was doing, and she told me that while all the preparations were such fun — some days she wished she hadn’t spent so much time getting closer because now it was so hard missing her. I gave her a hug– I know she would never really wished they hadn’t spent that BEAUTIFUL time together… but sometimes life is hard.

Beauty comes in all forms — how are you celebrating it today?

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See what other’s are inspired by at Melissas (click here) at The Inspired Room.

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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