Sky magic

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There is something about the sight of the American Flag that always gives me tingles!

Purple Mountain Majesty

For Amber waves of grain

With oooohs and Ahhhs

We are so blessed to live in the Untied States of America.

I am so thankful for all the Military who serve our country and their families sacrifices.

What a great wonderful tradition of celebration we have.

I couldn’t help but share.  OBVIOUSLY these children’s father was way more into the fireworks than they were.  Made me laugh out loud!

Find the beauty that is all around you!

Have a wonderful week!


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Beautiful Birthday

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Welcome to Friday Finding Beauty in conjunction with Celebrating our Nations Birth!

Just thinking about our country on it’s birthday chokes me up.

Yes, I am an admitted blubber head when it comes to how I feel about my America.

At any given sports event where they sing the National Anthem I often can’t get to the end because I am wiping my tears.

Friday Finding Beauty is where we each celebrate what we find to be beautiful in our own lives!

The fourth of July is a holiday that I provides wonderful memories.  As far back to when I would go to Kansas for family reunions– to when my children were young– to present day!


Who can resist a Fourth of July parade? (this photo taken way back in 1986 – Film- is still one of my favorites!) My young boys loved summer, flip flops, hats of all kinds and certainly showing off their very own parade!



Or a wonderful Rodeo



Food always seem to jump to mind when reminiscing.

Strawberries — Watermelon— hot dogs and mustard

What are some words that pop into your mind when you think of the Fourth?

Here’s a fast list…

OFF bug spray~~~Baseball games~~~Lemonade~~~Picnic baskets full of our most special recipes

(click here for photographer)

And… of course the smell of SULPHER from the fireworks!

When I was a young girl, I raided my piggie bank to buy some firecrackers. My mother had specifically told us not to, so of course it was all that more exciting to grab my younger sisters to help me in my rule breaking adventure.  We got the Black Cats and headed to an empty field not far from our house. We were having a great time when the one I had just lit had a fast fuse and exploded in my hand just next to right ear! I screamed and the horrified look my sister’s  face gave us enough adrenaline to run home like jack rabbits with their tails on fire.

As we arrived another horrified thought hit us all simultaneously — me being hurt was the LEAST of our worries– but the thought of how on earth we were going to tell my mother scared us to death. Thankfully she was off at the store and calm eventually prevailed… I couldn’t hear anything in that ear for years… and to this day I have tinnitus — but we never admitted our outing until we were much MUCH older… 🙂  I think i was like 40. Sorry Mom (but hey! just like I have always said– misadventures makes for GREAT memories)


I know many of you don’t listen to other bloggers music;  but if you want a real treat I found a wonderful “song” by Charlie Daniels —  go to my MUSIC PLAYER (on my right side bar) and click on The PLEDGE — if you are like me it won’t end with you having a dry eye.


May your family enjoy this blessed holiday! Be safe and light a firecracker for me!

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TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

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And always — leave a comment — cuz I just love them– BESIDES I need to hear what words come to mind when you think of the 4th!



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