Fall watching

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Was so much fun heading out with my Sister and her Hubby — they knew a perfect beautiful spot!

Have a wonderful colorful BEAUTIFUL week!



Be sure to head over to Mary’s for Mosaic Monday — been a while since I got to participate with them.

Also, Susan’s Outdoor Wednesday.

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Falling — not quite

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I am participating in a class — today’s assignment was to choose a shot that reflects the word FALLEN…  Thus the above. I pictured a wicked wind blowing these off the trees– or maybe the squirrels had acorn fight!

To find “Fall” I headed to one of my favorite gardens thinking I would find all sorts of fall dull, drab  and changing colors.

Quite the contrary!  Look at the flowers — still blooming and showing off their vibrancy.


This garden is tended by a lot of ground keepers (who obviously love their job!)… this place hardly had a fallen leaf on the grass. (still well mowed and clipped) But in the back ground beyond the bench you can see a hint of the changing colors.


On the back wall — some changes in the ivy and leaves.


The really fun thing about our outing was — we were the only ones there (besides all the grounds keepers who were planting fall bulbs and pansies)  It was so quiet.

Participating in a photo class gets us out and about … seeking for specific items!

I am having so much fun– give it a try some time.


This darling little house is still full of purples!!  Even though the resident is ready for fall — note the fall wreath.  🙂


Lastly, coming from the store, I noted a glorious spot in front of the entrance of a apartment complex!  Look at the colors pop!

Do you think it hasn’t been cold enough?  Will we just not have a dynamic fall?  I’ m just not sure how all that photosynthesis stuff works– it’s been a couple of days since I was in Science class.  🙂


Now’s your time to share with us YOUR beauty… Please be sure to link back to us and leave a comment!

Have the Best weekend!

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Pumpkin patch

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All summer I watched this farmer work his fields — the awesome pumpkin field was his bounty!


He has the coolest tractors.

and wheel barrows.


Be sure and visit Mary at Little House… Awesome Mosaics!

Enjoy the Beauty around you!

~~TTFN~~ Claudia

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First day of Fall

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Technically today is the first day of Fall

The lingering flowers are so vibrant.

Today I’m linking to several fun blogs…  Susan’s Out Door Wednesday

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Yards are starting to show case the fall colors…


Along with Mother Nature

~~♥~~     ~~♥~~     ~~♥~~


This cute lil darlin is almost old enough to go to her new home!

I’m sure you all remember SAM KITTY…  well…

Today I’m joining in with a new meme…

The theme for this post is Cool Cats…

Honestly — there is not a COOOOLer Cat that Sam Kitty.   😉

Make sure to Join us Friday– Finding Beauty.  (It’s every where, just take a moment to see it)

TTFN~~ See you Friday!

~~♥~~     ~~♥~~     ~~♥~~Claudia~~♥~~     ~~♥~~     ~~♥~~

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September bliss

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Ahh September-– Technically not fall yet, but has always been and probably always will be my favorite time of year!

I loved going back to school.

I loved new paper and pencils and books to be covered and the smell of a new box of crayola color crayons.

I love sweater weather!

I loved football season!

I love hot chocolate with a dollop of whip cream.

…and hot steamy soup.

The list could go on and on–It seems like Fall is always a time where I have a constant list going.

It just seems like it is a comfortable time to accomplish a lot before the snow comes a flying.

Because so many sweet bloggers asked for direction’s last year on my Halloween postings, I thought I would get a jump on Halloween!

Meet Grizelda and a couple of her feathered friends!

She will be our guide for some fun and frolic.



The Coolest Candelabra


With DETAILS how to make it and LIGHT it up… and how to dress it up for Indoors OR  out!


Plans are to give you great ideas to one of the funnest times of the year– with party ideas and decorations you have perhaps NEVER seen before!

Join us all week long starting Monday the 6th through the 10th (plans are to have at least 3 posts!)

Maybe more if I get totally SPELL BOUND!

Hope to see you NEXT week too! I’m very excited  🙂

~~♥ ♥~~

Join with us now as we CELEBRATE Friday Finding Beauty

Remember to link your post BACK to this one and mention us in your post!

I would love to hear what you LOVE about this time of year in the comments.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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