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A dear friend asked me to photograph her daughter’s engagement party.

I happily agreed to the date and time– then she replied…

“You do know that Vietnamese Engagement not like American?”

(no I didn’t know)

So I hoped on Google the night before…OOOOOOOOOOH my!

Often the Engagement is grander than the wedding itself.. I was in for a surprise.

The Bride-to-be’s family waits in the home, while the Groom-to-be  family lines up in a processional and makes a grand entrance with gifts in hand.

An alter was set up on the living room awaiting the ceremony.

After the gift’s are presented …

the Bride-to-be is brought into the room by her mother. (isn’t she stunning?)

In front of both families, the Groom-to-be, asks for her hand in marriage…

(I am assuming this, as all of the ceremony was conducted in Vietnamese) I just did what I was told– 🙂

“stand here and take picture!”  so I did. 🙂

A family of 8 girls!  8 gorgeous women!

American tradition is for the family of the Bride to put on the wedding… however, I am told, that Vietnamese tradition is the opposite.

This Dad got off easy!

What a delightful event this was for ME!  What a privilege to participate and I learned so much! I found myself just watching and sometimes forgetting to get the camera up and snap away.

Everyone seemed to have such a wonderful time… I hope they enjoy their engagement.

See you at the wedding NEXT year!  Thank you for asking me.

TTFN~~ Claudia

~~♥ ♥ ~~

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“When you change the way you look at things… the things you look at change.”  Wayne Dyer


I found this video and HAVE to share– Can you believe what a great example she must have in her lil life? Every woman should start her day off like this!

Heck EVERY person should!



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