Christmas Eve

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In the Glow

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One of the things I love most about the Christmas season are the Light crazed people!  People who oft times risk life and limb climbing tall tall ladders to install their holiday Glow!  There always seems to be one of those houses that goes all out decorating their home in every neighborhood!



The ones that always bring a different spin to their Holiday charm.


It takes some “looking” to see the cold blue details of this home.

My thoughts always bring me to wonder… do they really know how much beauty they bring to their neighbors and passers by??  I for one, am thankful!


Take a stroll and enjoy the glow!

May you find the beauty right in front of you!!

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December Signs

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It’s the time of year when signs everywhere point to the festivities — This week  our photography prompt group’s assignment was SIGNS …

“Believe” — I sure do — I believe that everything happens for a reason and that we will make our own happiness.

But I also believe — in the heart and spirit of Christmas!!

Santa is a sure fire sign that all parents have a little bit of added arsenal to their “better be nice” requests!


No way could Santa get all the requests filled without his wonderful Elves… no way!!



Its that time of year when the world falls in love … every song you hear seems to say… (every sight helps bring to mind a Christmas song)


And dreaming of a White Christmas may only be in your home…




Then there is the best sign — the REASON for the season…

May you find the beauty in your life, for it is simply right in front of you.

Merry Christmas!!

Be sure and visit Beverly for Pink Saturday celebrations.


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Christmas winds down

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Here’s hoping you all had the Christmas you had envisioned. 

I find it interesting, that while we are busy in our lives preparing for the wonderful Christmas Season, we keep a vision in our mind of how we want it to turn out.

I was always in favor of a hiccup or two, as those times are the ones for me that made the memory.


I don’t recall the “perfect” Christmas’ too well. 

That envisioning starts at a very young age.







Santa is advertised everywhere– “MAKE your list!!”




Were you Naughty or Nice? 

Being a young mom I always quite enjoyed being able to use that “reminder” . 

I always went over the top. Looking back I remember looking at the huge array of Christmas presents carefully arranged. (Santa didn’t wrap at our house) I don’t recall one Christmas that I didn’t say… “it isn’t enough.” 

*sigh* it was MORE than enough… I wonder if they even recall any one particular present that I oh so carefully planned. 



When I was very young it was the same for me. My mind was always in a dither wondering if Santa would bring what I had hoped for or more important did he even get the letter I had written? 

I probably was on the Naughty list more than most knew as I was the queen of unwrapping the gifts way before Christmas morning.

Still, I managed a very good look of surprise on the big day.

Looking back on so many Christmas’ there is one particular present that always stood out and apart. 



Every year with out fail my sister’s and I would receive a wrapped present from my Uncle Kenneth. 

Every year with out fail it would be a Book of Lifesaver’s. 

I don’t suppose I gave it much thought, other than I knew what it was and I hoped that Wintergreen would not be the predominant flavor. 

I’m disappointed that as a young child I was not aware of the magnitude of this gift. 


My Uncle Kenneth was the oldest of 10 children; my father being the second to the youngest.

They were raised during the depression and dust bowls of Kansas. My Uncle Kenneth was the only one who could earn a wage back then… he was hired for 25 cents a day digging a ditch. On his wages this family lived.

He devoted his entire life to his elderly parents and helped to raised the younger children. They all grew up to marry and live very nice lives of being teachers and businessmen. My Uncle Kenneth never married or had children.

He remained living in Ransom Kansas taking care of his parents until they passed with very little income, yet every year his nieces in Pocatello, Idaho would not be forgotten on Christmas morning. He had many other nieces and nephews, who I suppose if I would ask them, that they too probably received the gift.

The story– the effort– the monetary sacrifice– but mostly the thought was the GIFT


You are all such great gifts for me.  The gifts of your time to stop by and say hi.  The gift of your friendship. I am so thankful. 

Enjoy the Beauty around you.

TTFN~~  Claudia

PS.  Dont forget to visit Mary at Little Red House.


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A Gift to the Neighborhood

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The Season has changed from Fall to winter … so of course my sister and bil brought out their creativity and talent once again!

My feeling on Christmas lights is one simply of a gift to your community and your neighbors . While a family can be all cozy and warm inside your home there is not really a way to enjoy them yourself unless you are driving home from your 100th trip the grocery (last minute run for bake goodies).

But, you do have the warm wonderful feeling when you see cars slow and look and linger and you might see some cute smiles.

Beebs and Popz, on the other hand really do enjoy the process.  I personally think they need a Crafting intervention, but that’s for another day and topic!



Here’s where I stand in amazement…

All this grandeur and beauty is THEIR creation!  None of it is your typical and normal — IN the Box– from Wal Mart kinda stuff.

They spend hours thinking and smiling — “what if??”

Each year starts with an idea and they embellish.



Not only is the yard stunning during the dark… but the DAY is terrific too!



One evening, I was visiting.  Of course I always bring my best friend (my camera) and we were out walking around talking.  Slowly up drove a van.

This is pretty typical so not much notice was taken by my sister… but then the doors opened and out popped 4 lovely young teenagers.

Of course they were giggling and smiling and walked up to us and said, ” Is this your house?”

“It is!” my sister replied.

“Well, we have a little something for you.”  with that a young beauty handed her a small bag of Christmas candy and this note.

They giggled some more and waved and said “Thanks!!!” and hopped back into their car.

We looked at one another with tears in our eyes and she said– “that’s why we do this!”

I love to just stop by and sit in their living room looking out the window watching the cars — often times kids will hop out of the car and Moms and Dads will take pictures of their kids in front of the NEWEST addition…



Personally he is ENTIRELY too scary…  but then I don’t do scary cuz I live alone and I don’t like being scared– but AGAIN that’s another topic! (Yes I know I am in deep need of psychiatric care)


The Grinch is new this Christmas and the kids love or hate him.  Not much in between!  Kids on their way home from school will walk up to him slowly and give him a closer look.

Its all so much fun!

This year they entered a Holiday Contest

Winners get to go to Disneyland — Soooo

If you have a moment stop by the Link below and give them a VOTE!!  I would appreciate you beyond hugs and smooches and they… well if they win they might have to stick me in their suitcase and take me too!
To make it EASY — *wink*  they are # 16 
The below TIP is right off of the entry page…

Voting Tips: let your friends, family, co-workers or anyone else you know to come and vote for your entry. Have a facebook, twitter or other social networking account? Increase your votes by posting your entry number and a link back to this page. This is not cheating

Happiest of Holidays!  Isn’t such fun!

Also stop by Beverly’s Pink blog — tons of fun stops around Blogland!

She is celebrating Christmas Music and most of you know I feature a little song each week on my top right side bar to go with the music I love.

Christmas music is what tugs at my heart strings.


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