Before and After –Crooked pots

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front yard RS

The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you find in ordinary things. ~ Veronique Vienne

My divine sister and brother in law adore one another and are the perfect example of an extraordinary life amid ordinary adventures. They work together, their worlds intersecting every day of the week, and yet at the end of the day they choose to work with one another on one of their numerous passions — their yard and garden.

Potting ben BF RS

This BEFORE actually started out the color of WHITE.

potting Ben AF RS


Bench alone RS

BEFORE: Wrought Iron Bench

both RS

AFTER: The perfect spot with Patriotic touches and the Potting bench behind.

Pots n Pole RS

BEFORE: Simple Terra cotta pots and steel pole

In ground pot RS

Dig a lil hole, put pot in ground, and pound the pole into the ground

add some dirt RS

After stacking the pots add some dirt!

crooked pots RS

AFTER: Voila` filled with bright colors and lucious greenery!

Stay tuned for the abundance after the summer sun and rain kiss this crooked little project!

Thanks Beeb and Popz for letting me enjoy your adventures!

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥

Oh! By the Way stop by Metamorphosis Monday with Susan and see what the others have been doing BEFORE and AFTER! And— many thanks to Susan at Southern Dreamer for hosting the Outdoors Wednesday gathering. Check these “susans” out as they really have a wonderful group who inspire one another.

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Blog etiquette- 5 good tips

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Like basic etiquette in day to day life, the Internet also has some simple etiquette rules to follow.  Etiquette meaning: “Conventional requirements of social behavior.”

  1. Comment– if you visit a blog often, join in the conversation and post your comment, say hi. Don’t just read and enjoy without commenting. Nothing bolsters an author more than to know they are touching another persons life– let them know you are out there.
  2. If you lifted or are posting someones idea, picture or thoughts be sure to GIVE CREDIT by linking them to your blog.
  3. When posting be sure to use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. (I always have open — still doesn’t insure I am spelling correctly– but at least I give it a try.) Don’t type strictly in Caps — IT’S CONSIDERED SHOUTING!   ouch!
  4. Like you mother probably told you, “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.” Well, you don’t have to go totally that far, but if you want to engage others by disagreeing with them, there is a nice way and then there is a RANTING way. Remember, your words will be out there for all to see.
  5. Be sure to follow up to those who were kind enough to post a comment. Let them know you appreciate them stopping by your blog and taking the time to drop a line.

I have asked people why they don’t comment on my blog (hoping beyond hope they wont tell me I bore them to tears), some have said they don’t know how. It’s very simple: Go tot the spot where it says “Leave a Comment,” generally by clicking on that link  it will lead you directly to the spot you will need to fill in infomation.

Type in your name, your email address (so we can write you back if need be) and then your comment. If you have a lot to say be sure to break it up with paragraphs.

Join in the fun — help spur a spirited conversation. That’s what this is all about! pssst! now go leave a comment– be brave! do it!



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Blogging– what’s this about?

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What’s a blog?  What’s blogging about?  Why blog?  I am often way behind the times when it comes to modern technology or even terminology.

Blog simply means “web log” or to write and post to the Internet.

The word blogging has been around for some time, I just didn’t give it much thought.  It wasn’t until one of my very “hip” young co-workers introducing me to her blog, that I actually got to see one. (She has the cutest little critters on the planet!)

Seems blogs are fabulous tools to  publish a personal diary of thoughts and ideas– a great place for families to keep track of daily “goings on”.  But blogs also seem to serve as excellent tools for entertainment and news and politics (remember Obama mania?) and of course business promotions.

My first endeavor of a blog was simply just a  journal. BOR-ING

For years I have kept a personal journal. The pile in my storage box is over flowing with spirals, ringed and bound examples. (I actually have an entire spiral, proof that my father spent most of his money for me to ski at GRAND TARGEE instead of attending classes– sorry Dad– ) I have to admit, while they are a fun read for me; I seriously can’t  picture anyone else enjoying my often too sappy “diaries”.

But… I love to put thoughts down and decided to find other reasons for me to blog.  I’d even read how “YOU too can get rich quick on the Internet.” Well, you can’t do it quickly– or at least I couldn’t. It takes time and some money and lots of patience.

My work schedule doesn’t allow me to be the newest cashier at Barnes and Noble; So up front I am posting that this blog will have ADVERTISMENTS hopefully to supplement my depleted income.

Several friends have given me great ideas on topics and even things they would like some help with.

HTML (computer back ground terminology) is not something I will dive into, so I have been on the look out for knowledgeable help.

Thanks much to Cathy, from Pajamadeen  who worked on the inner “guts” of my blog. (who knew there were so many ways to get Search Engine Optimization??).  She is a hoot and makes me laugh mainly at myself.  I wish I had found her 5 months ago.

Her graphic artist is assisting me with my LOOK.  After these talented women help me a bit I will take off the training wheels and hopefully get cooking.

Thanks for running along side of me ladies… looking forward to the time when you can give me a shove. (hopefully not off a cliff)

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