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Some time ago I posted this photo from one of my favorite spots. Le Chaille (hope that’s spelled correctly) Right now they are struggling like many companies — the last time I visited the grounds weren’t nearly as lovely.  But this was from a couple of years ago.  So I used one of Kim Klaussen’s textures to distress it a bit.


The event that I have been so anticipating is finally around the corner.  I am excited to meet up with long time blogging friends and see all the beautiful sights and festivities!!  However I have been haunted by the one project I had MONTHS to get compleated.


I was to make 3 hand made journals.  I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to art or crafts and these books tortured me.  I must have tried 10 different ways to do them. FINALLY I just had to give up.  I had to get them done and accept they are not perfect.


I used the above photo for one. And a similar shot for another.  Each one is a bit different but all have the same theme.



The theme of the event is one of whimsey and fairies. Thus the “happy ever after theme”


Similar in colors and Theme — but just enough difference to make them each unique.




These are the backs of the books — I also lined the inside covers (front and back)


Life has definitely taken a BIG turn for me. I am determined to stay focused on the wonderful and beauty around me.

I look forward to coming back with tons of photos of the Smoky  Mountains.

Caio till then!


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Working on projects that reflect transition I find myself often nervous to try the change— but just like the dandelion, often times that transition is beautiful in it’s own way.

This week I’m venturing out with Kim Klaussen and her Texture Tuesday. Go visit! You will see some fabulous art!!

Remember to STAY in the DAY and find the beauty that is right in front of you.


I’m playing here this week too!

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