Where were you?

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In an odd way of thinking, today is an anniversary for me. 10 years ago I had just spent 4 days in NYC. On the 9th I arrived back in Utah. New York is one of my all time favorite places! I love the people, Broadway and the vibration of energy at every turn.

Typically I am not one to do “tourist-y” things. But that trip I took myself up to the top of the World Trade Center. I was amazed at how huge the elevator was. My guess I rode with 50 others to the tip tip top.

Because I am VERY afraid of heights it took me quite some time before I got to the balcony and made my way out to the deck.

Even though the day was not windy down below, it was quite breezy up there.

I was amazed that I could see the air traffic lining up on their approach to the airport.

They were below us!! I could see for miles… the sky was a beautiful blue!



After arriving home, 2 days later, I found myself standing in front of my workplace TV saying to others how it really could be an accident;  I had just seen planes that perhaps could’ve gone off course!  I had just been there…

That day became a date in time none of us will forget.

Where were you?




In tribute to the 2,996 lives lost on 911, Sandy, Utah presents several blocks of flags representing the lives lost.


New York City, the Pentagon and those brave people on Flight 93.

I went down to the Mall as they were preparing for Saturday’s ceremony.

There was a reverence as the wind softly moved the sea of America flags.



Trying to photograph this from below fell short.

So I wandered into a near by medical building.

I actually went into an empty office and was able to capture a much better view.


Whether we pay our respects privately

or attend a memorial service

many of us will not be able to forget where we were “when the world stopped turning”

*photo by* Thomas E. Franklin


Hope Rising Bronze Monument Dedication The 2011 Utah Healing Field Memorial will feature the dedication of a new, unique  monument titled, Hope Rising. The monument consists of a magnificent 9ft-tall statue that depicts the three firemen who raised the American flag at Ground Zero, after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City



What were your memories?

Amidst the devastation and death — they did NOT prevail… America won’t let them.

Please leave a comment and let us know where you were.



Also, my dear friend Deborah has 2,977 reasons NOT to forget 911. Check her lovely site out HERE

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Do not forget

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~~Amist the devistation and death — they did NOT prevail… America won’t let them.

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