Autumn- Canyon Colors

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Canyon Road 2 RS

I love my camera– yes it true; I have a THING for a “thing”… But this delightful object brings a focus to the joy in my life, that my often foggy memory can’t do. 

 Forcast calls for 6″ of snow in the mountains tomorrow.

On my day off this week the mountains were whispering to me … “hurry, come see us!”

Fall leaves RS

With paint brush in hand, look at the artistry Mother Nature unveiled.


Canyon RS

Traffic was quite busy on the winding canyon road… but each person I encountered had a stunning smile on their face.

Please be sure to visit Susan At A Southern Daydreamer,who brings us to another Out Door Wednesday…

Colton RS

But look at this little Bugger!! We had such a delightful day… he is too big– all of 2 years old now.

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Just like Melissa at Inspired Room (where she is celebrating make overs) Mother Nature does her best ever transition from Summer to fall. Visit her by clicking her name above.  Also, Julia (at Hooked on Fridays)  wants to know what we are hooked on this week… for me is Beauty … beauty in everything and everyone around us!

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September 29, 2009 at 9:23 pm | Autumn | 50 comments


50 responses to “Autumn- Canyon Colors”

  1. Kammy says:

    Wowwza , love those mountains ! I haven’t been up to see our aspens in the Colorado high country..cuz, it is already snowing !
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. LaVoice says:

    Your fall colors are simply beautiful. I cannot imagine it being cold. We are thankful to be around 70-80 degrees after such hot weather. You live in a lovely part of the world.

  3. Jane says:

    Spectacular!!!!!! These colors are so vibrant. How I wish I could see them in person. Thanks for taking me along for the ride…

    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. Denise says:

    Your photos are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Claudie says:

    Ahhhhh Claudia
    I swear those are postcard perfect. SNOW REALLY??? No way.
    Have a beautiful Wednesday dear friend.
    Send me your phone # via email. I would love to chat on the phone one day soon. I need to put a voice to the face lol
    Love ya

  6. Claudie says:

    Oh forgot… how adorable is that little one? So cute.

  7. Jess & Cayd says:

    Boy oh Boy, that is one hot mama in that scarecrow picture, love the pose!


  8. bj says:

    I’ve never, in my loooong life, seen such beautiful colors. Oh, my….
    Thanks so much for sharing these…and that adorable and handsome young man!!

  9. Kate says:

    Great photographs! Adorable little guy! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I enjoyed cruising through yours. It was a wonderful visit!

  10. JSELEP says:

    Your colors are beautiful! Our leaves are starting to turn aroung here, not much red yet. Enjoy fall!

  11. Phyllis says:

    Your pictures are wonderful, love the colors and those mountains, they are amazing, thanks for sharing….Phyllis

  12. Karen says:

    Six inches of snow? Yipes! I wouldn’t be ready for that yet myself.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    You and I must be in a similar place in the woods, because we live on the benches of some mountains (Wasatch) out West which are brimming with color AND which will be laden with snow tomorrow.

    Hey, let’s you and I remember to make a nice rich cup of hot chocolate tomorrow and cuddle up and enjoy the first blast of really cold weather (and hope some of the beautiful leaves survive!).

  14. I love that first photo !
    Yes, I love my camera too ! ! ! !

  15. Valerie says:

    I am jealous of your fall colors! Not that I want them here, that would mean we would have snow, not too far behind. It’s just they are so beautiful!

  16. Kathy says:

    Just gorgeous! But snow already? Yikes, I’d have a hard time getting used to that. Although the autumn colors might just make it worth it. I just love that shot of the road winding through the trees. And of course the grandbaby is the most beautiful shot of all – what a doll.

  17. becky k says:

    Gorgeous photos…every one! Love that little guy!

    Becky K.

  18. Myrna Lee says:

    Spectacular Photos!;~)

  19. Jane says:

    Such gorgeous fall foliage captured in great photos! The little guy is a cutie, too!


  20. Mary says:

    What spectacular fall photos. Your little guy is just a sweetheart. That smile could make clouds part. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  21. Bonnie says:

    Love your photos. Great colors. Your little guy is so cute!

  22. Beeb says:

    Thanks for taking the time to go take such wonderful pictures, so then all of us lazy home dwellers can enjoy nature too!! I must admit that I am partical to the beautiful boy at the end!! I think he is a spitting image of his maturnal grandparents huh?? HAH!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Poppz and Beeb!!

  23. Brenda Kula says:

    These photos are works of art!

  24. Tracy says:

    Hello Claudia,

    Those are fabulous pictures! They make me want to get in my car and take a drive in the country but I sure will not find anything like in my “countryside”. The little guy is adorable.

    Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Tracy

  25. Cherry says:

    Oh my goodness these are fabulous it is just now starting to fill like fall here in Savannah.
    Thank you for stopping by ~hugs, Cherry

  26. jeanne says:

    Wow, Claudia, the fall season is in full swing there. We have some cool weather but no color yet. Snow??? It is too soon. LOL

    Hugs, Jeanne

  27. ldh says:

    Hi Claudia ~ nice to meet you! Your pictures are breathtaking! So vibrant! Sweet place you have here.

    Thank you for stopping by my first Outdoor Wednesday and leaving your comment.

    Kindly, ldh

  28. Pat says:

    So beautiful! We don;t get fall color until middle October and I’m looking forward to it.

    Your grandson is adorable!

  29. Beautiful post! I enjoyed the beauty from your camera…I’ve been so busy lately I am looking forward to getting out more and enjoying all the fall colors!!

  30. Teresa says:

    Magnificent colors and photos. Ours are just beginning to change but it will go very quickly. Amazing what nature does and does so well. I enjoyed reading your post.

  31. Myrna Lee says:

    Wow, your pics are stunning , the color is so vibrant . Thanks for taking me along to see the beautiful fall foliage &Thanks for stopping by.;~)

  32. Puna says:

    Beautiful Claudia. Where in the world are you that you have leaves like these already?

  33. teresa says:

    Wow, love the color….I miss the fall trees- we rarely get anything like that in my area- mainly yellows- if they don’t turn brown first.
    Thanks for sharing.

  34. Ashley says:

    Stunning photos.  Here in Charlotte, leaves are falling, but mo color change just yet.  I can’t wait though.  🙂

  35. Kim says:

    The mountains this time of year is what I miss most about living in Utah.  Being the California girl that I am, we don’t get much of that kind of show here, so I miss the beauty of the mountains of Utah.

  36. Lisa says:

    He is adorable. <3
    Wow!! This is gorgeous fall colors!!! I thought we saw pretty colors over the weekend but it was nothing like this, just wow. 🙂
    By the way, I am having my first giveaway on my blog if you’re interested!

  37. Not just scenic, but spectacular! And the cutie at the end is pretty darn wonderful as well.

  38. claire says:

    Wow!  Your pictures are more and more gorgeous every day!  You seriously are such a talented lady!  I can’t believe our mom had moved in!  YEAH!  Good for her!  I hope the change to Utah was a good one for her.  All the best to you and your fam!

  39. Nancy says:

    Stunning! Stopped by to wish you Happy Pink Saturday!

  40. The most beautiful capture of autumn.  You were there on exactly the right day!!!  You should print and frame this one!!

  41. CC says:

    What absolute beauty…just pure beauty.

  42. Beverly says:

    Hi, Claudia.  I stopped by to read your Pink Saturday post.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    Your pictures are spectacular.  The views are breathtaking.  And, that is quite a special little cutie you have there.

  43. Leann says:

    Just stoppping by for PS and glad that I got to see/read this post too! What beautiful fall colors, I love it! And your “little bugger” sure looks like a honey!
    Enjoy your day!

  44. Claudie says:

    Hello Miss Claudia
    I have to ask where you are in the U.S.A.
    I’m trying to get the blog girls together in March for my birthday. So many details, but wanted to see where you were. I’m planning, N.C., Georgia, Florida, so far. Not sure if we’re all meeting in Fla. or not… just started hearing “the buzz” from the girls.
    Oh and BTW could you please go visit Julie my BFF from B.C.? She just started blogging today….it’s her first post.
    She’s at
    Tell her I sent you. I think you’ll like her thoughts and spirit.
    thanks friend
    Love Claudie

  45. Kat says:

    Beautiful fall photos. I love all the colors! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photography with us. ~Kat

  46. You definately take the BEST photos.  Were you up the Alpine Loop?  We opted for Hobble Creek Canyon this year — not nearly as crowded.
    -Beautiful, Angela

  47. Jacque fivas says:

    I didn’t make it up the canyon this year before the first snow.  I usually try to do that, but missed it this year.  Your pictures were almost as wonderful as being there.  I’m so wanting a new camera, but I’m saving up ($100 and counting).  You are my inspiration

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