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American Idol top 5 — April 28, 09


Tonight the Top 5 American Idols revisit the standards of the Rat Pack. Songs of Sammy, Dean and Frank.


This weeks suprise mentor was Jamie Foxx; winner of 2005 Oscar for Best Actor in Ray. Although being an Oscar and 8 time Grammy winner, I found the selection of him as the mentor very surprising — given his recent  juvenile behavior, lashing out at Miley Cyrus.

But enough of my thoughts (because I know American Idol producers have been calling for my opinion for days… ) it seemed to me that the Idol kids really enjoyed his input.


American Idot top 5

Kris Allen: Song: The Way You Look Tonight– Very handsome in his Gray Suit and loose tie. Jamie Foxx said he enjoyed him so much that he would do an album with him. I thought he was so comfortable and sang with his great raspy voice –very sexy. Randy Jackson,  loved him;  Kara DioGuardi, said his rythum and timing were great; Paula Abdul called him sophisticated and a gentlemen– a real Crooner; and Simon Cowell called him Wet– no one knew what that meant.

Alyson Iraheta: Song: Someone to Watch Over Me— Her dress was killer! Black fitted top with black and white feathers on the bottom. As usual, she sang with a much older voice than her 17 (yesterday was her birthday) years would let on. Randy said she was the Dope; Kara said she didn’t look nervous and no longer looked just like the Rocker Chick; Paula told her she was proud of her that she could sing such a good ballad; Simon said she had a great performance but asked her if she thought she could really win this competition– to which after a long pause, she answered saying she thought almost any of them could at this point. Simon told her her lack of confidence would prevent her from winning and he thought she was in trouble.

Matt Gerade: Song: My Funny Valentine–Of course he wore his signature hat tipped to the side. He sang with a good smokey voice and interpretation. Randy said he thought it was pitchy but had its moments; Kara thought he wasn’t emotionally connected; Paula loved that he followed Jamie Foxx’s advise and lowered the key and she thought he was excellent; Simon disagreed with Randy, saying he felt it was believable, and authentic and brilliant!

Danny Gokey: Song: Come Rain and Come Shine– With eyes sparkling he started mellow and in his true to Danny way, made the song his own, showing the audience yet again that this kid has a VOICE! He looked great in his suite (whats with guys in suites that make them sooo fun to look at?) Randy said he would buy an album of him singing standards! He said that bottom line, this was a singing contest and he sure can SING; Kara said she loved his Rat Pack swagger and especially loved the creative ending; Paula said she thought he could see the finish line! Simon agreed he has swagger and this performance was his best, showing what he was capable of– outstanding!

Adam Lambert: Song: Feeling Good–Excellent entrance from the stairs in his black shirt and white suite and tie. Randy said it was a little too much Broadway but he was definitely in his zone; Kara said her mouth drops open every week calling him some times shocking, sleezie and superb; Paula said he was better than good; Simon said it was very obvious he wants to win. For me it’s no surprise I’m not his biggest fan, see last weeks blog, yes the guy is talented (just ask him) There has not been one song where the drama is almost not bigger than his song, example: the constant shadow on his face… the scream and showing of his tongue— ugggh! Puhh-leeez enough already.

I also can’t help but wonder why the producers of American Idol always (most of the time any way) put Adam at the end; it certainly is the most coveted spot– seems a little preferential to me.

My guess that Matt will go home… but Alyson will join him in the bottom.

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April 29, 2009 at 1:57 am | American Idol | 1 comment


One response to “American Idol — Top 5”

  1. Ewww I hated Adam Lambert’s stuped tounge thing at the end of his song too.  Not his biggest fan either. Still love Kris and Alyson. And Danny Gokey! Now it’s gonna get interesting!!

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