One day before Spring

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This year has been a wild ride with Mother Nature.  Back east in particular has experienced some tough days. Utah didn’t have much snow, but it was cold.

Taking photos of cold snowy days challenge me, but the quiet of the mornings linger in my memory.

I simply love the seasons and am very grateful to live somewhere where I can experience them all.

Here’s to Spring right around the corner!!

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Bring it on 2014

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After a While

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Snow AFTER while for blog

Perfect thoughts for today!

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Sweet Joy

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Two days after Thanksgiving I got to have the sweetest visitors!

They were my sister Sharon’s  granddaughters. Sharon has been gone from us for too long– some days it feels like years– other days it feels like just yesterday. I think of her daily. But to have these visitors next to me made me feel like she was right there with us, all smiles and giggles.

These precious cherubs we a smidgen shy at first but within minutes hugs and smiles were abounding.

They are so smart, and happy and carefree.


I am so grateful that my nephew and wife would care enough to take their time on vacation to come see me. They will never know how much this meant to me.

… and I know Sharon was so happy too!


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How do you view yourself?

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How is it that you view yourself?  When will the day come that you will embrace the beauty that others see?

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June 8, 2013 at 8:38 am | Inspiration | 2 comments


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